Summary of State Foreclosure Laws

The information provided in the pages linked to below summarizes some of the important features of each state’s law on foreclosures. When you use it, please keep in mind that:

This is only a summary of your state’s laws and does not tell the entire story. It is intended for owners of single-family residences and doesn’t address special laws for agricultural land or the rights of tenants in foreclosed homes owned by their landlords.

This discusses only the most common method of foreclosure in your state. For example, it provides information about non­judicial foreclosures for the states where they are the most common procedure, even though judicial foreclosures are allowed in some circumstances. 

Laws change. Foreclosure laws and procedures are complex and subject to change by legislatures and to interpretation by courts. 

For these reasons, you should use this information as a starting point for additional research. Citations to each state’s statutes are included so you can look up the laws themselves.

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