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Most foreclosures in Washington state are nonjudicial. This means the lender does not have to sue you in court in order to sell your home. However, the lender must comply with certain notice requirements, including contacting you about resolving the problem and sending a notice of default and notice of sale. Throughout most of the process, you have the right to reinstate the loan. And if you get an appropriate referral, you can participate in foreclsoure mediation -- where you and the lender explore alternatives to foreclosure. If the lender sells your home through a nonjudicial foreclosure, it cannot seek a deficiency from you.

Below you can get more details on Washington foreclosure procedures, its anti-deficiency law, and its foreclosure mediation program. For even more information on foreclosure, alternatives to foreclosure, and government programs to help you avoid foreclosure, visit our  Foreclosure Center.


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