DUI / DWI & Traffic Tickets

  1. Distracted Driving Laws: Texting and Cellphones

    Find out which states ban cell phone use while driving more

  2. Traffic Ticket? Decide Whether to Fight in Traffic Court or Pay Up

    There are two kinds of traffic tickets: Ones you can beat in traffic court and ones you can't. The problem is determining which kind you got. more

  3. When Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI/DWI Charge?

    Will you need to hire an attorney to handle your DUI or DWI case? What about the public defender? more

  4. DUI or DWI Punishments and Penalties

    As with any criminal charge, a person charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) is presumed innocent until proven guilty through the defendant's own plea or after a jury trial. Any penalty will depend on state law, as well as circumstances, such as the presence of an open bottle of liquor in the car and the defendant's cooperation with the police. more

Facing a DUI, DWI, traffic ticket, or driver's license suspension? Learn about the penalties, possible defenses, and how to prepare for court.

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