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Giving everyday people the tools to solve their legal issues since 1971
Giving everyday people the tools to solve their legal issues since 1971
Nolo publications ... guide people simply through the how, when, where and why of the law.
Nolo is always there in a jam as the nation’s premier publisher of do-it-yourself-legal books.
When it comes to self-help legal stuff, nobody does a better job than Nolo ...
Nolo’s material is developed by experienced attorneys who have a knack for making complicated material accessible.
Nolo is a pioneer in both consumer and business self-help books and software.
The most prominent U.S. publisher of self-help legal aids.

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Our History

Nolo - 1960s

Nolo was born of the frustration of two legal aid lawyers who were working to help low-income families in the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1960s. They found there was no way to help all the working people who didn’t qualify for free legal aid yet couldn’t afford lawyers.

Nolo - 1970s

In 1971, to help fill the need they had identified, Charles Sherman wrote a book about doing your own divorce and Ralph Warner authored one on tenants’ rights. They took the books to established publishers, who promptly rejected them. Warner and Sherman decided they had no alternative but to publish the books themselves—and so Nolo Press was created.

Nolo - 1980s

By the early 1980s Nolo was publishing books covering just about all areas of law, empowering everyday people to take control of their legal situations. As the decade progressed, Nolo started publishing do-it-yourself legal software, including Quicken WillMaker.

Nolo - 1990s

In 1994, Nolo created one of the first consumer-oriented legal websites, offering tons of free legal information. The company later added online document preparation and downloadable versions of Nolo books and software.

Nolo - 2000s

In 2005, Nolo launched a lawyer directory, to help people when they encountered situations that required professional help. Readers who otherwise would have had to thumb through the yellow pages were now able to easily search for, learn about, and connect with attorneys who handled their type of legal issue.

Throughout our history, the goal has been clear: Give people good information and let them make their own choices.

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