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As of January 30, 2012, Ingram Publisher Services is Nolo's official distributor. All retail, institutional, and business orders for Nolo books must be placed with Ingram Publisher Services or a major wholesaler. Nolo no longer sells or distributes products directly.

1. Why this change?

Nolo's goal is to make the law accessible and help people find answers to their everyday legal questions.
Turning distribution over to Ingram Publisher Services lets us focus on content development, not distribution logistics.

2. How should resellers order Nolo books?
Resellers can buy Nolo books from Ingram Publisher Services (IPS) or major book wholesalers. Here's how to Order from Ingram Publisher Services (IPS):

Trade Orders
IPS accepts orders through ipage®, phone, fax, and email. Terms on IPS orders are the same regardless of ordering method.
Phone: (866) 400-5351
Access: (800) 961-8031
Fax: (800) 838-1149

IPS customer service hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time
ACCESS (automated stock check and ordering line): (800) 961-8031
Visit Ingram's Ordering Website for full details on electronic ordering, including instructions on how to order via a POS system.

Library Orders/Standing Orders
Ingram Library Services
Phone: (800) 937-5300
ILS Fax order: (800) 677-5116

3. How do resellers return Nolo books?
Books originally purchased from Nolo directly may be returned to Ingram's Chambersburg, PA facility, where they will be sorted and credited to the reseller's Ingram Publisher Services account. Credit will be issued for product received in "shopworn" or better condition. Nolo titles will be fully returnable for 180 days after out-of-print notification.

Ingram Publisher Services
193 Edwards Drive
Jackson, TN 37086

As of February 29, 2012, Nolo no longer accepts returns directly. We cannot guarantee that titles returned to Nolo directly after that date will be given proper credit.

4. Are reseller terms going to change?
Probably. Your terms for purchasing Nolo products will be determined by the distributor, whether it's IPS or another distributor/wholesaler. Nolo cannot transfer existing terms to IPS.

5. What will happen to resellers' Nolo accounts?
All invoices issued by Nolo should be settled on the terms already agreed upon by the customer and Nolo.

6. How will Nolo handle backorders?
Nolo will fulfill backorders through January 30, 2012; after that, any unfulfilled backorders placed with Nolo will be canceled. If the reseller has an account with IPS, the backorder should be resubmitted with them. To facilitate this process, Nolo will send IPS a list of all unfulfilled backorders on January 29, and an IPS representative will contact those customers to confirm resubmitted back orders. If the customer does not have an account with Ingram Publisher Services, the backorder will be canceled without notice.

7. How will Nolo handle standing orders?
Nolo will fulfill standing orders until January 30, 2012; after that, all standing orders with Nolo will be canceled. To continue receiving Nolo books on standing order, please establish a new standing order with Ingram Library Services (contact info above), or your preferred Wholesaler. Standing Order customers participating in Nolo's Matching Funds program, and Nolo's Library Bonus Books program, should note that these programs have been discontinued.

8. How will Nolo handle exam copy requests?
Instructors should continue to contact Nolo to request academic exam copies. Instructors may request up to five examination copies for free per term, one copy per title. To request desk/exam copies, complete our request form here. Nolo will ship to U.S. destinations only.

9. How will reprint permission requests be handled?
Please contact Copyright Clearance Center for Nolo permissions requests.

10. How can resellers resolve problems with shipments?
Contact the source where the order was placed. If you purchased from Ingram Publisher Services, call IPS's dedicated service line: (855) 802-8230.