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In Idaho, most foreclosure are nonjudicial, which means the foreclosing lender does not have to go to court to sell your home. Along the way, the lender must provide you with certain notices. In addition you have the right to reinstate the loan (pay all past due amounts plus fees and costs in order to save your home) within a set time period. If the lender does sell your home through foreclosure and the price does not cover the amount you owe on the mortgage, the lender can file a lawsuit against you to collect the difference (called the deficiency).

If you are facing foreclosure in Idaho, check out the below articles to learn about key features of Idaho foreclosure law and find out if you'll be liable for a deficiency after foreclosure. And be sure to check out other articles in our  Foreclosure section to learn about defending against foreclosure, government programs to help you avoid foreclosure, and more.


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