Debt Management

  1. Bankruptcy and Your Credit FAQ

    Questions How will bankruptcy affect my credit score? Will bankruptcy ruin my good credit score? And more questions answered more

  2. Student Loans: Cancellation, Deferment, and Forbearance

    If you can't make payments on one or more of your student loans, you may be able to get temporary or permanent relief from making payments. For example, you may be able to defer payment of the loan until later, or in some circumstances, cancel the loan altogether. Learn about your options. more

  3. Car Repossession Laws: An Overview

    If you fail to make your car payments or otherwise default on your loan, you risk having your car repossessed by your lender.   Read on to learn more about how car repossessions work, how to avoid them, and what your options are if your car gets repossessed. more

  4. Credit Repair

    Improve your credit by following the tips and instructions and using the forms in this popular Nolo book. more


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