Best Employment Law Websites

If you're looking for information on a specific employment law issue, want to learn more about your workplace rights, or ensure that your business is following the law, here are some consumer-friendly websites that might come in handy. (For tips and resources on finding laws and doing legal research online, check out Nolo's Legal Research section.)

Nolo's Employment Law and HR Section
The latest legal information for small business owners, human resources professionals, and employees -- including hundreds of articles and FAQs.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Information on discrimination laws and tips on the claim filing process, from the agency that enforces federal employment discrimination laws and investigates charges filed against employers.

U.S. Department of Labor
Learn about federal labor laws like the Family and Medical Leave Act, minimum wage and overtime rules, workplace safety regulations (OSHA), and much more.

Small Business Administration
Information and resources for running a small business, including tips on hiring and managing employees.

State Government Labor Offices
A list of contact information and website links for the state government labor offices in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (from the U.S. Department of Labor).

Nolo's Offical Blog: Employment Law
Lessons from the everyday experiences of employers and HR professionals on everything from hiring and firing to performance and discipline, from Nolo.

Employment Law Information Network
Articles on employment law issues, sample policies and contracts, news links, and more from employment law practitioners.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Information on all things privacy -- including workplace privacy and background checks -- from a nonprofit advocacy and education group.

LII's Wex Project - Employment Law
Discussion and resources on common employment law issues from Wex, a community-built law encyclopedia from Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute.

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