U.S. Visa Fees Going Up (and Down) in September, Says State Department

Some visa fees are being raised, others lowered.

Good news for some, bad news for others, as the Department of State (DOS) is changing fees for visas and citizenship services effective September 12, 2014. DOS adjusts its fees every so often in accordance with reports that show how much it costs to process different types of visas and to provide other types of services.

The winners in this round of fee adjustments are:

  • E visa applicants ($205, down from $270)
  • Any employment-based visa applicant ($345, down from $405)
  • Special immigrant visa applicants and self-petitioners ($205, down from $220)
  • Applicants for a returning resident visa ($180, down from $275), and
  • J-1 waiver applicants ($120, down from $215).

The big losers are persons seeking to renounce their U.S. citizenship. Formerly it cost $450 to do this; now it costs $2,350. Others seeing an increase in fees are:

  • K visa applicants ($265, up from $240)
  • Any immediate relative or family-preference visa applicant ($325, up from $230), and
  • Anyone needing stateside NVC review of an affidavit of support ($120, up from $88).

All visa applicants must pay the fee amount in effect on the day they pay. If you paid a fee before September 12, 2014, and it goes down under the new fee schedule, you won’t be given a refund.

Nonimmigrant visa applicants who paid before September 12, 2014, have their fees locked in if the interview is on or before December 11, 2014. If the fee for your type of visa increased under the new fee schedule, you’ll have to pay the amount of the increase if your interview happens December 12, 2014 or later.