2019 Changes to Ohio Bankruptcy Exemption Amounts

Bankruptcy exemptions help you protect property from creditors in an Ohio bankruptcy case. Ohio exemption figures used in bankruptcy cases increase on April 1, 2019.

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Bankruptcy exemptions allow a debtor to protect property needed to work and live after a bankruptcy proceeding. Some of the exemptions outlined in Ohio law increased effective April 1, 2019.

Ohio Revised Code Annotated § 2329.66:

  • Homestead. $145,425. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(1).)
  • Motor vehicle. $4,000. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(2).)
  • Cash on hand. $500. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(3).)
  • Household goods and furnishings. $625 per item up to a total value of $13,400. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(4)(a).)
  • Jewelry. $1,700. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(4)(b).)
  • Tools of the trade. $2,550. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(5).)
  • Benevolent society death benefits. $5,000. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(6)(a).)
  • Personal injury award received within 12 months before filing. $25,175. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(12)(c).)
  • Wildcard. $1,325. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2329.66(A)(18).)

For more information, see Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions.

Avoid property loss by verifying all bankruptcy exemption amounts through independent research or by consulting with a local bankruptcy attorney. These figures change every three years and are current through April 1, 2022.

Effective date: April 1, 2019