Shoshanna Malett

Shoshanna Malett, Esq., is an attorney practicing immigration law in New York City.   Her practice includes representing clients and reviewing cases for other attorneys to help determine eligibility for asylum.   In recent years, Ms. Malett has published numerous articles on immigration topics and has taught various CLE classes.   She participates in many community outreach programs on topics such as naturalization, battered women and special juvenile immigrant status as well as forums in which she provides general immigration information to the public.   Ms. Malett has been interviewed and cited to in many scholarly works including Human Rights First in their 2010 publication on the asylum one year filing deadline.

A 1990 graduate of CUNY School of Law, Ms. Malett obtained her LL.M. in International Human Rights law in 1994 from The Washington College of Law at American University and is admitted in New York. After seven years working for various law firms in New York and Washington DC, Ms. Malett joined the government as an Asylum Officer, working first for the Department of Justice and then for the Department of Homeland Security.   While at the Asylum Office Ms. Malett participated in the mentor program and trained other officers on topics such as the development of law in one-child cases and domestic violence and gender as asylum claims.   Ms. Malett left the government in 2006 to start her own practice and to spend more time with her children.

Ms. Malett lives in New York City with her husband of 16 years, Peter, and their two wonderful children.   In addition to her law practice Ms. Malett is active in both her childrens' schools and was elected to the Student Leadership Team numerous times.