Kathleen Michon


Kathleen Michon is an estate planning lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been affiliated with Nolo in various capacities for more than fifteen years, including five years as Nolo’s in-house bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt editor. Kathleen’s previous legal experience also includes directing Public Counsel's Consumer Rights Project and representing inmates on death row. Kathleen received a B.A. from Yale University and a law degree from Northwestern University School of Law.

Articles By Kathleen Michon

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If a creditor successfully sues you in court and gets a money judgment against you, it will likely look for your assets and property. Once it finds your property, it can take steps to try to collect its judgment from that property. For example, it could record a lien against your home, levy funds in
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If you’re facing the end of your marriage, you have a lot of concerns. One of your questions is likely to be: How much will a divorce cost? The answer to that question will depend on many different things, including whether you hire a lawyer, whether your spouse is combative or collegial, whether you have children at home, how much property and debt you have to divide, whether one of you is requesting alimony—and the list goes on.
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Here's a list of the forms you must file in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and where to find them.
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Once you have assessed what tasks your older relative can handle independently -- and any areas where they might need help -- begin collecting information that you will need to deal with emergencie