Bankruptcy Filers Must Use New, User-Friendly Forms (Effective December 1, 2015)

Effective December 1, 2015, bankruptcy filers must use revised forms.

Effective December 1, 2015, most of the bankruptcy forms changed. You must now use the new forms even if you filed your bankruptcy petition before December 1, 2015. You can download the new versions at

Instructions for filling out forms in Nolo books have become outdated due to these changes.

For example, you’ll find that the line-by-line instructions in How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy no longer match the necessary forms. So, Nolo has updated Chapter 6 of that book, “Complete and File Your Bankruptcy Paperwork,” to address the changes. You can download the updates on the book’s companion page (the URL for the companion page is listed in the front of the book).

You can also get detailed information about the form changes at Revised Official Bankruptcy Forms Are Simpler and Easier to Use and you can find information about each of the forms at Nolo’s section on completing the bankruptcy forms.