Changes to Bankruptcy Means Test Median Family Income Amounts

The bankruptcy means test median family income amounts change each year. Learn where to find the latest figures for all states, commonwealth, and United States territories.

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People who want to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy must demonstrate that they can't afford to repay creditors some or all they owe through a Chapter 13 plan. Filers meet Chapter 7 qualifications by taking and passing the bankruptcy means test.

What Are Bankruptcy Means Test Median Family Income Amounts?

Filers compare their gross income to the median family income amounts in their state when taking the means test. If a filer's gross income is low enough, the filer qualifies for Chapter 7 without taking the second part of the means test. The figures change each year and vary widely between states.

Where to Find the Median Family Income Amounts

The means test figures are posted on the U.S. Trustee Program website and can be found by following these steps:

  • Select "Consumers" from the menu at the top of the page.
  • Choose "Means Testing Information."
  • Scroll down to the box entitled "Data Required for Completing the 122A Forms and the 122C Forms."
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the most recent filing period.
  • Click the "Median Family Income Based on State/Territory and Family Size" link.

The link will open to a state chart. Find your state and family size to determine the gross income limit for your Chapter 7 case. Learn more in Chapter 7 Means Test: Comparing Your Income to the State Median Income.

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