Stacy Barrett

Attorney · UC Law San Francisco

Stacy Barrett started writing articles for Nolo as a freelancer in 2019. She became a full-time Legal Editor in 2021. Her articles appear on sites including,,,, and

Education. Stacy has a B.A. from Northern Arizona University, where she graduated with highest honors, and a J.D. from UC Law San Francisco (formerly UC Hastings). She earned several academic awards from both institutions, including scholarships for academic achievement.

Legal career. Stacy began working as a criminal defense attorney in 2006. Her first job was with the Napa County Public Defender. She represented clients accused of misdemeanors and felonies. She also represented parents in civil contempt proceedings and patients facing involuntary civil commitments in state hospitals. In 2016, Stacy continued her work as a trial attorney at a private law firm. A few of Stacy's victories in trial court received national and international media coverage.

Other pursuits. Prior to her legal career, Stacy wrote feature articles for a small-town newspaper and copy pages for a national magazine in New York City. During law school she taught Street Law to middle school students receiving residential treatment in San Francisco. In 2019, she co-founded a program to support formerly incarcerated students in community college.

Why Nolo? Stacy's work as a deputy public defender, commitment to equity in education, and writing background led her to Nolo in 2019. She believes in Nolo's mission to provide all people, regardless of income level, the information they need to make important legal decisions.

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