Mary Randolph


Mary Randolph earned her law degree from the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of The Executor's Guide: Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust8 Ways to Avoid Probate, and other books about law for nonlawyers. She has been a guest on The Today Show and has been interviewed by many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more.

Articles By Mary Randolph

Transfer-on-Death Deeds: An Overview
Most states now offer an easy way to leave real estate without going through probate: a transfer-on-death deed.
Avoiding Probate With Transfer-on-Death Accounts and Registrations
Leave property without probate using payable-on-death accounts, registrations, and deeds.
Florida Probate: An Overview
Florida has several options when it's time for probate proceedings.
The Federal Gift Tax
Very few people ever need to pay federal gift tax.
Inheritance Tax
Only six (soon to be five) states still impose an inheritance tax.
Hawaii Estate Tax
If you leave behind more than $5.49 million, your estate might owe Hawaii estate tax.
Maryland Estate Tax
If you leave behind more than $5 million, your estate might owe Maryland estate tax.
Washington Estate Tax
If you leave behind more than $2.193 million when you die, your estate might owe Washington estate tax.
Ohio Estate Tax: Repealed
The Ohio estate tax was repealed, effective January 1, 2013.
North Carolina Estate Tax: Repealed
If you are a North Carolina resident fortunate enough to leave a very large estate, it may owe federal estate tax -- but North Carolina won't levy its own tax.