Kristina Gasson

Kristina Gasson is a practicing attorney licensed in Massachusetts and New York, with extensive  experience in immigration law, administrative law, employment law, and insurance law. Kristina received her law degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law and her bachelor's degree in political science from Brown University. 

Articles By Kristina Gasson

Forms and Documents Needed for a Family Immigrant Visa at a U.S. Consulate
After a U.S. petitioner obtains USCIS approval of the initial visa petition, immigrating family members must step in and prepare and submit various forms and documents, as described here.
How to Prepare and Send Adjustment of Status Application to USCIS
Photos, fees, Form I-485, and other pieces of paperwork you'll need to submit to USCIS to adjust your status and obtain a U.S. green card.
Filling Out Form I-821 for TPS
Line-by-line instructions on how to fill out Form I-821, Application for TPS.
Is It Safe to Go to My ICE Appointment or Will They Deport Me?
Dealing with the risk of arrest by immigration authorities during regular check-in appointment.
What Do I Say on Form DS-260 If I Haven't Found My Vaccination Records?
Dealing with the visa-application question about whether you have documentation proving that you've received the required vaccinations.
Temporary Protected Status (TPS): Who Is Eligible?
Has a disaster in your country made it impossible to return? You may become eligible for TPS.
How the CSPA Helps Family-Based Preference Relatives and Derivative Beneficiaries
The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) of 2002 was a great step forward in addressing the lengthy wait times that often blocked good faith attempts by U.S. permanent residents to have a child join them in the United States.
Filling Out Form I-751 With a Waiver Based on Abuse or Battering
If you become a U.S. resident due to your marriage to a U.S. citizen, you will get a “conditional” green card that expires in just two years.
Filling Out Form I-134 Affidavit of Support to Help a U.S. Visa Applicant
If you have invited a foreign friend or relative to visit you, one of the first issues to address is whether that person will be able to prove to the satisfaction of a U.S. consular officer that he or she can afford the trip.
Do I Need to Tell My Employer That My DACA Work Permit Will Be Expiring Forever?
Whether to inform your employer about an expiring work permit.