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Increase Your Online Presence by Writing for the Nolo Network

Increase Your Online Presence by Writing for the Nolo Network

Attorneys, would you like to share your expert knowledge by writing articles for the millions of people who visit Nolo's network of websites each month? We encourage you to submit articles to Nolo, following these guidelines.


When you're choosing a topic, keep firmly in mind that Nolo's mission is to provide relevant, practical information to nonlawyers. Review our websites to become familiar with Nolo's writing style and the types of issues we cover.


Articles should be between 600 and 1,200 words.

Style and Content

  • Here are some practical tips to help you write articles.
  • Provide practical, unbiased information. Avoid long narratives, legal history, and sensational language.
  • Use plain English. Avoid legalese and flowery language. Remember that most readers are not lawyers.
  • Don't submit a law review article. The average nonlawyer should be able to understand the article and find it interesting and informative.
  • Limit discussion of personal experiences or cases. Refer to a personal experience or case only if it helps explain a legal concept or provides a good example of what's discussed in the article. Don't discuss the size of monetary judgments or settlements that you helped obtain.
  • Don't promote yourself. Consumers trust Nolo's websites because they are not filled with self-promotional material. (If you are an advertiser in Nolo's Lawyer Directory, you can tell readers all about yourself in your Lawyer Directory profile.)
  • Write a good first paragraph. The first paragraph should state what the article is about and offer a conclusion (when appropriate) so that readers can decide right away if the article will answer their question. Don't start with a case or client story.
  • Keep paragraphs short. When possible, use subject headings to break up paragraphs, and use bulleted lists when including a list of items or issues.


Your name, company or law firm name, type of law practice, and city will appear in the byline. (For example, "John Doe, an employment lawyer with Doe, Doe & Doe, practices law in Sacramento, California.")

If you are an advertiser in Nolo's Lawyer Directory, your byline will link to your Lawyer Directory profile.

How to Submit an Article

Log in to your account at www.nolo.com/user and click on the "Contributed Content" tab to start writing your article. If your article is approved, it will be published to the most appropriate domain.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers

If you're interested in becoming a regularly contributing freelance writer for Nolo, take a look at our Careers section.