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Ron's Rent Roundup: Nolo's Landlord-Tenant Law Blog
Attorney-author and nationally recognized expert  Ron Leshnower  offers timely lessons and plain-English legal analysis for landlords and tenants.

Uncuffed: A Candid Take on Crime and Society
Dealing with the police? Trying to figure out the crazy world of criminal law? In Nolo's newest blog,  Micah Schwartzbach  discusses all things criminal law, from individual rights to fair punishment to current events.

Nolo's Disability Blog
Who can get Social Security Disability? What about long-term or veterans disability?  Beth Laurence  started Nolo's disability blog to offer up information on how all these different programs work.

Nolo's Immigration Law Blog
Are green cards green? What kind of visa do you need?  Ilona Bray  discusses news and changes to the extraordinarily complex legal arena, immigration law.

Dear Rich: Nolo's Patent, Copyright & Trademark Blog
Can you copy this blog? Nolo's intellectual property editor and author,  Rich Stim  discusses the ever-changing world of copyright, trademark and patent law.

Nolo's Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Blog
Fighting foreclosure? Deciding whether bankruptcy is right for you? Attorney  Leon Bayer  and Nolo legal editor  Kathleen Michon  break down bankruptcy and foreclosure law into plain English, to help you stay in your home and live debt-free.

Nolo's Employment Law Blog
Employment lawyer  Lisa Guerin  roots out lessons from the everyday experiences of employers and HR professionals on everything from hiring and firing to performance and discipline.

Nolo's Real Estate Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers
Nolo legal editor  Ilona Bray  has created this blog for anyone shopping for a home, learning the ins and outs of homeownership, or getting ready to sell.

Nolo's Fundraising Tips for Busy Nonprofits
Nonprofit author  Ilona Bray  offers lots of ideas for raising money for your nonprofit -- whether you're a staff member, board member, or volunteer -- in a frugal world.

Nolo's Divorce, Custody & Family Law Blog
Attorney and  Nolo legal editor  Lina Guillen  covers marriage, adoption, parenting, divorce, child custody, and child support.

Nolo's Personal Injury Blog
The latest developments in tort and personal injury law -- headlines in the news and emerging trends in the courts, from Nolo editor  David Goguen  and contributing attorney authors.

Drivinglaws: Nolo's Driving Laws Blog
Nolo's editor Rich Stim blogs about current news and events.

The Rap Sheet: Nolo's Criminal Law Blog
Curious about criminal law? Nolo author and Attorney  Paul Bergman  breaks down the justice system into plain English and shows you your rights under the law.

Nolo's Tax Law Tips Blog
Everything you need for many happy (tax) returns. The latest tax laws, trends, and filing information for individual taxpayers and businesses, from Certified Public Accountant  Jeffrey A. Quinn, with contributions from Nolo editors.

Everyday Estate Planning
Named a Top Estate Planning and Elder Law Blog by LexisNexis, Nolo author  Liza Weiman Hanks  answers readers' questions and provides information you can really use about wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, estate taxes, and probate court.

Not-So-Law Blogs

Nolo's Online Content and SEO Blog
Your VIP pass to the backstage of Nolo's online content production. Learn about the people and processes that help Nolo's editors create the best legal information websites on the planet.

Blog Archives

LLC & Corporation Small Talk
Anthony Mancuso, author of numerous books on corporations and LLCs and Nolo's LLC Maker software, writes about the pros and cons of LLCs and corporations and delves into the nitty gritty of the tax code as it affects these business ownership structures.

Nolo's Small Business Legal Blog
Find small business strategies and essential legal information for business owners, operators, and managers in this blog from Nolo authors and editors  Bethany K. Laurence  and  Diana Fitzpatrick.

Rentwise: Nolo's Landlord-Tenant Law Blog
Attorney and nationally recognized columnist  Janet Portman  covers common and uncommon legal lessons from the landlord-tenant world.

Retire Happy
If you think money is the only way to retirement happiness, Attorney  Ralph Warner  will show you otherwise with this blog. Get tips and learn the essential steps to a retirement you'll enjoy.

What Price Justice?
What does it really cost to balance the scales of justice? Nolo editor  Rich Stim  looks at legal economics and the costs of representation.

The Sharing Solution
Share resources, save the world! Get practical tips on sharing everything, from lawnmowers and land to time and information, from Attorney  Emily Doskow  and  Janelle Orsi, authors of the upcoming book The Sharing Solution.

Nolo's Legal Marketing Blog
Do you need help marketing your law practice? No problem! Famed blogger  Carolyn Elefant  is here to help with legal marketing tips.

Queer Justice: Nolo's LGBT Law Blog
Get the facts on LGBT law from Attorney  Emily Doskow  including compassionate discussions of same-sex marriage, LGBT employment rights, and a chronicle of the ever-changing laws that affect gays and lesbians the most.

The Law Reform Soapbox
Does the law serve litigants, or just lawyers? Nolo founder  Jake Warner, a pioneer of the do-it-yourself law movement, weighs in on making the American legal system more accessible, affordable, and fair for all.

Legal Humor Blog
Auntie Nolo is back! And she's talking to  Jake Warner  about her favorite quips, witticisms and bits of legal wisdom. Read their hilarious exchanges on the all-new Legal Humor Blog.