Nevada Adds Finalization Requirements for Powers of Attorney for Health Care

Nevada now requires those who live in certain medical facilities to obtain a “certification of competency” from a physician, psychologist or psychiatrist before signing a power of attorney for health care. Such medical facilities include: a hospital, residential facility for groups, facility for skilled nursing or home for individual residential care.

If this requirement applies to you, before you sign your power of attorney, ask your physician (or psychologist or psychiatrist) to create and sign a document that certifies your competency. Then, before you sign it and have it witnessed or notarized, attach the certificate to your power of attorney.

You can read the text of this new requirement in Nevada Senate Bill No. 78. This bill is now enrolled as 2013 Nevada Laws Ch. 224, effective October 1, 2013.

Users of WillMaker 2013 and WillMaker 2014 will receive updates to reflect this change before the effective date.