Online Fun for Home Buyers

Need a break from your home search? Check out these websites for some real-life real estate diversions.

After hours surfing the Web for the perfect home-sweet-home, your eyes are probably tired and your brain foggy. The antidote? More hours surfing the Web, of course! Check out these unusual sites for weird real estate news and views from around the world.

  • Can't believe the weird stuff that finds its way into some real estate ads? You probably haven't seen the worst of it. This website collects home-listing photos and descriptions that would cause most home buyers to run in the other direction.
  • Practically every country that has a coastline seems to have some islands for sale, from Scotland to Argentina to Thailand to Egypt.
  • You've got royal blood somewhere in your veins, right? And some castles are surprisingly affordable. (But the heating bills will kill ya.)
  • For those with million-dollar fantasies, browsing through the featured properties will have you drooling onto your keyboard. Let's see, is it better to select the category "chateau" or "estate?"
  • This blog by Seattle real estate consultant Marlow Harris displays photos of unusual homes, wacky places, weird accommodations, unique tourist trips, and more.
  • There is actually a couple in Topeka, Kansas who runs a business locating, buying, and selling decommissioned missile sites, communications bunkers, and other underground relics of the Cold War. Don't wait, these spots are apparently going fast...
  • A site dedicated to covering the best the world has to offer on a variety of luxury and fine-living topics, including real estate, gourmet food, art, and more. Check out the "Estate of the Day."
  • When it comes time for home decorating, pick up some tips on what not to do by visiting the home of the Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest.
  • Celebrity homes, the latest in decorating trends, and various oddball entries.

Okay, now get back to more serious business -- the search for your new home. And for help at every step of the home buying process, check out Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home, by Ilona Bray, Alayna Schroeder, and Marcia Stewart (Nolo).

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