Kentucky State Veterans Benefits

Kentucky offers educational, employment, and financial benefits to veterans who are residents of the state.

The State of Kentucky offers various benefits to veterans and their families, in addition to benefits offered through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Education Benefits

Kentucky provides various educational benefits to veterans and their family members.

Kentucky Tuition Waiver Program

Certain Kentucky veterans are eligible for a tuition waiver as well as their spouses and children (including stepchildren and adopted children). Eligible students can attend any Kentucky state vocational or technical school, college, or community college.

Veterans are eligible if they are 100% disabled due to service-connected disabilities or are totally disabled due to non-service connected disabilities and served during wartime.

Eligibility for family member requires that the veteran either:

  • died on active duty in the U.S. military
  • died due to a service-connected disability
  • is 100% disabled due to service-connected disabilities
  • is totally disabled due to non-service connected disabilities and served during wartime, or
  • served during wartime and is deceased.

The family member must be a Kentucky resident, and the veteran must have been a Kentucky resident at the time of death. A spouse of a deceased veteran must remain unremarried to obtain benefits.

To apply, complete the Tuition Waiver Application and submit it to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs. A stepchild will also need to include a special affidavit. Submit the application and any required documentation to:

Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs
Attn: Tuition Waiver Coordinator
321 West Main Street, Suite 390,
Louisville, KY 40202

For more information, call (800) 928-4012.

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Awards

Kentucky high school students who are attending high school in another state due to a parent's military service but who maintain a residency in Kentucky are eligible for scholarships. For more information about these scholarships, visit the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority website.

High School Education and Diplomas

Veterans who were unable to complete a high school due to entry into military service are eligible to complete high school upon their return without payment of any tuition or fees.

Veterans of World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War who entered service before they were able to complete their high school education are eligible to have a high school diploma awarded to them if they received an honorable discharge.

Veterans need to complete an application and send it along with a copy of their discharge paperwork to:

Kentucky Department of Veterans' Affairs
1111B Louisville Road
Frankfort, KY 40601

Veterans Preference Points in Public Hiring

Veterans and certain family members are eligible for preference points to be added to civil service exam results. Five points are awarded to honorably discharged veterans and for former Guard or Reserve members. Ten points are awarded to veterans with service-connected disabilities and their unremarried spouses. Ten points are also awarded to dependent spouses and parents of war veterans who served honorably and died on active duty.

Homeless Veterans Trust Fund

The Homeless Veterans Trust Fund provides financial assistance to veterans who are in urgent need of funds to pay rent, mortgage, or utilities. Due to limited funds, assistance can be provided only once to each veteran. Veterans must be Kentucky residents, provide their discharge paperwork, and explain why they need funds. For more information, call the Kentucky Homeless Veterans Program at (502) 564-9240 or toll-free at (800) 572-6245.

Veterans' Loan Program

Kentucky offers loans up to $10,000 for veterans and certain family members at low interest rates. Those eligible include unremarried spouses, children under age 27, and guardian of a veteran's child. Residency in Kentucky is required.

Loans can be requested to buy a home or business, for education, to cover medical or funeral expenses, or debt consolidation. However, children or guardians of children can obtain loans only for educational expenses. For more information, including how to apply, call the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs at (800) 572-6245.

Additional Benefits

See the Kentucky State and Federal Veteran Benefits Information publication to learn more about state and federal benefits available to you. This guide, available on the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs' website at, has more information on the above benefits.

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