Margaret Wadsworth

Margaret Wadsworth has been an attorney for 20 years. She operates the  Wadsworth Law Firm  located in Conway, SC. Her practice includes disability law, elder law, Medicaid eligibility planning, Aid and Attendance eligibility planning, Special Needs planning, estate planning,  and veterans discharge upgrades. She serves clients up and down the Grand Strand and does house calls.

She holds a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law and a B.A. degree from the University of Massachusetts at Boston (summa cum laude).   Wadsworth has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts since 1994 and in South Carolina since 2013.   She is a member of  Elder Counsel, accredited with the  VA to represent veterans, admitted to practice before the  US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, is a Registered Representative with the Social Security Administration, and is a member of the  National Organization of Veterans Advocates.  

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Effective Dates for VA Disability Benefits
The effective date for disability compensation benefits is usually the date the VA received your application.
How to Appeal if the VA Denies You Disability Benefits
If you applied for veterans disability compensation benefits and the VA sent you a letter denying you benefits, you have the right to appeal the decision.
How to Apply for VA Disability Benefits
Disability compensation benefits are available to veterans who suffer from a disease or injury that was caused or worsened by their military service.
Getting Veterans Disability Compensation for Respiratory (Breathing) Problems
VA disability benefits are available for numerous conditions that affects breathing, including chronic bronchitis and bronchiolitis.
VA Character of Service Determination
Veterans with bad paper should consider asking for a character of service determination instead of a discharge upgrade or record correction.
Getting Veterans Disability Compensation for Heart or Cardiovascular Problems
Veterans with service-connected heart and cardiovascular conditions may be able to get a VA disability rating.
Getting Veterans Disability Compensation for Skin Conditions Related to Military Service
Veterans with serious skin conditions from exposure to dangerous chemicals while serving can receive disability compensation.
Alabama State Veterans Benefits
In addition to the federal benefits available through the U.S.
Unfit for Duty: When You Can Be Found Unfit and Denied Benefits After Separation From the Military
Whether you will be found unfit with or without benefits depends on how your injury your occurred, your disability rating, and your years of service.
Getting Veterans Disability Compensation for Depression
Veterans struggling with depression may be able to get a VA disability rating based on how severe the symptoms are.