Emergency Bans on Evictions and Other Tenant Protections Related to Coronavirus

Information on eviction moratoriums and tenant protections being enacted due to outbreak of COVID-19.

Many states, cities, and counties are taking steps to minimize the impact of the novel coronavirus crisis on tenants, including placing moratoriums on evictions, holds on shutting off utilities due to nonpayment, and prohibiting late rent fees. The federal government has suspended evictions and foreclosures in public housing until the end of April. The government-backed mortgage buyers Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, have agreed to do the same for at least 60 days.

The chart below attempts to capture the latest information on coronavirus-related tenant protections by state (and county and major cities, if applicable). Please note that this information is changing hourly, and the chart might not reflect all current protections. For the best information about the status of evictions where you live, check your state's judicial system or governor's website.

You can also check to see if your utility providers have taken the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) Keep Americans Connected pledge to not disconnect residential or small business customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last updated: March 31, 2020.

State County or City Hold On Evictions Hold on Utility Shutoffs Other Tenant Protections/Notes


Yes, but see notes. Likely (see notes)

-In-person proceedings are postponed for 30 days as of March 17. Electronic filings are still being accepted. Check with courts for status.

-Alabama Public Service Commission states that it is confident no customers will experience interruption during crisis, and that after crisis period utilities will help with past-due accounts.


Yes See notes

-By order of AK Supreme Court, court proceedings are postponed as of 3/23 through 4/3, with the exceptions noted in the order.

-See Alaska Court System's COVID-19 response page for information about courts, hearings, and alerts.

-The Regulatory Commission of Alaska states that customers should contact their utility provider directly.


Yes Maybe (see notes)

-Governor issued executive order delaying evictions for 120 days. Applies to tenants who can't pay rent due to coronavirus-related issues.

-Many AZ cities are announcing that water and other utilities will not be shut off during state of emergency. Check with your local utility provider for current status.


See notes Many state utility providers have agreed to not shutoff service during state of emergency.
Fayetteville Yes No water shutoffs.
Rodgers Yes No water shutoffs.
Springdale Yes No water shutoffs.

California (see this Nolo article for CA-specific information)

Governor ordered hold on evictions through May 31, 2020, subject to guidelines stated in order.


Yes Yes

-Governor issued order directing various agencies to work to suspend evictions, and provide short-term rental assistance.

-Gas and electric utilities regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission have announced they won't shut off service due to nonpayment during crisis.

-Colorado Supreme Court ordered that whether or not to proceed with nonessential matters (such as evictions) are left to each court.

Denver Yes Mayor issued a hold on evictions.




-State of Connecticut Superior Court ordered immediate stay of all evictions and ejectments through May 1, 2020.

-Moratorium on electric, natural gas, and water shut-offs in response to pandemic.




-Delaware Housing Assistance Program will provide eligible households up to $1500 in assistance to pay rent or electric bills.

-By order of governor, all residential foreclosures and evictions during the state of emergency. Also, no utility shutoffs.

District of Columbia



-District of Columbia courts suspended evictions of tenants and foreclosed homeowners through May 1.

-No utility shutoffs during state of emergency.

-See D.C. Public Service Commission's resources page for more information about utilities and assistance.



-Supreme Court of Florida ordered suspension of writs of possession through 4/17

-Most major utilities providers have said they will not shut off services. Check with your local provider.

Brevard County


All evictions suspended until April 15.

Broward County


Hillsborough County


Moratorium on evictions through April 20.

Miami-Dade County


Orange County


Osceola County

Sheriff's office announced it won't enforce evictions until "emergency situation is over."



Seminole County


All evictions suspended until April 15.


Maybe (see notes)

State of Georgia has a COVID-19 hotline: (844) 442-2681.

-Check individual Georgia courts' status here.

-Check the State of Georgia Public Service Commission's website for a list of GA services that have suspended disconnections due to COVID.



No water shutoffs

-No water shutoffs for 60 days (as of 3/11).

-No termination for nonpayment of rent, no late fees or other charges for late or unpaid rent for 60 days in certain properties.



-Supreme Court of Hawai'i postponed evictions through April 30.

-Hawaii Department of Public Safety Sheriff division suspended eviction activities indefinitely.



-Idaho Supreme Court issued order suspending current matters and is postponing trials and other proceedings unless judge believes the matter can be heard through telephonic or video technology. Check with clerk for current status.

-For financial and other assistance, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission has a county-specific resource guide.

Blaine County Yes The court is only hearing certain matters (not evictions) until further notice.
Boise The city of Boise has waived rent for April in city rentals, and won't evict its residents.




-By governor's order, no enforcement of residential eviction orders during duration of Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation.

-Illinois Commerce Commission ordered utilities to cease disconnections and suspend late fees until end of emergency.

Cook County


Court-ordered evictions suspended for 30 days (until April 15).

DeKalb County


No new orders for possession arising from an eviction enforced.

Kendall County


No new orders for possession arising from an eviction enforced.

10th Judicial Circuit (Peoria, Tazewell, Marshall, Putnam, and Stark Counties)


Court has postponed all eviction and landlord-tenant court cases until April 17.


Yes Yes

-By order of governor, no eviction or foreclosure actions can be initiated until state of emergency has terminated.

-By order of governor, no discontinuation of utilities during public health emergency.

-Indiana resource guide.


Yes Yes

-By order of governor, landlords cannot terminate rental agreements or evict a tenant during the duration of the proclamation of disaster emergency.

-Iowa Utilities Board ordered restriction on utility disconnection during the public health emergency.




-By governor's order, business and residential evictions are suspended until May 1.

-Utility disconnects for nonpayment are suspended until April 15.




-Supreme Court of Kentucky ordered no new eviction proceedings until April 10.

-Kentucky Public Service Commission ordered utilities to cease disconnections for non-payment and late payment charges.


Until at least April 13; check local courts


-Governor's order suspended deadlines in all legal proceedings until 4/13

-LA supreme court has continued many hearings, trials, and appearances, allowing them to be rescheduled after March 27 by local order. Check your local court's website to see status of hearings and trials.

-No utility service shutoffs statewide by order of the LA Public Service Commission.

-Louisiana Law Help is regularly updating its website with COVID-19 information for Louisiana residents.

Baton Rouge City Court


Suspension through April 20.

New Orleans


Residential evictions suspended through April.


Yes Yes

-Maine Supreme Judicial Court ordered that eviction and landlord-tenant matters won't be scheduled or heard by courts (with some exceptions) until May 1.

-Maine Public Utilities Commission ordered that all utilities not disconnect customers until further notice.




-By governor's order, no evictions statewide during emergency.

-By governor's order, no utility can terminate service or collect a late fee until termination of the state of emergency.




-Courts have put a stop to most evictions until at least April 21.

-No utility shutoffs until state of emergency is lifted or the Dep't of Public Utility orders otherwise.




Yes Yes, in some situations (see notes)

-Governor issued executive order suspending evictions until April 17.

-Many Michigan utility providers are agreeing to suspend shutoffs. Check the MPSC website for your carrier's current policies.

-By order of governor, no water shutoffs.


Yes Maybe (see notes)

-Governor signed executive order to suspend evictions during emergency.

-Minnesota's Cold Weather Rule (CWR) protecting against electric and gas shutoffs is in place through April 15. Must follow CWR rules. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is also posting updates about COVID-19.



-Mississippi has established a COVID-19 information website.

-Mississippi Public Service Commission ordered a temporary suspension of disconnection by any public utility in the state.

-Check the Mississippi Judiciary's website for information about evictions, trials, and court access.


Depends (see notes) Some (see notes)

-Missouri's governor's COVID-19 announcements.

-Supreme Court of Missouri has suspended all in-person hearings. Whether or not your case will be held is left to discretion of judge.

-Check Missouri Public Service Commission's website for information about utility shutoffs.

Jackson County Yes

All landlord-tenant matters postponed by order of the court.

St. Louis Yes

No water shutoffs through May 15.


-Montana Supreme Court order recommended suspending cases, but leaves decision to individual courts in Montana.

-Visit the Montana Public Service Commission's website to locate your utility service provider's website and find out about status.


Yes See notes

-By order of governor, no evictions through 5/31.

-Visit Nebraska Public Service Commission's website to see list of utility providers who have agreed to not shutoff service.


Yes Yes

-By order of governor, evictions are suspended during the state of emergency.

-NV Energy suspended disconnections for nonpayment; check the State of Nevada Public Utilities Commission's website.

Henderson County


Las Vegas


Eviction proceedings suspended at least 30 days.



Eviction proceedings suspended and stayed by court.

New Hampshire

Yes Yes

-Governor's order prohibits initiation of eviction proceedings and orders of eviction during the state of emergency.

-By governor's order, prohibition on disconnection of electric, gas, water, and telephone service.

New Jersey



-Governor's order prohibits removal of tenants from residential properties, and postpones enforcement of all judgments for possessions, warrants of removal, and writs of possession.

-Utilities have suspended shutoff orders.

New Mexico

Yes, but see notes Yes

-See New Mexico's website on the utilities' response to COVID-19.

-New Mexico residents who have received an eviction notice should call the state's COVID-19 general hotline at 1-833-551-0518.

-NM courts have placed a temporary moratorium on eviction. You must provide the court with evidence of current inability to pay rent at your hearing on the eviction petition. Eviction hearings will be held by video or phone, unless parties file a motion for in-person hearing.

-New Mexico Public Regulation Commission ordered suspension of residential customer utility service during public health emergency.


City won't be proceeding with evictions in its affordable housing unless there's a public safety concern.

Santa Fe Yes Yes

-Under mayor's order, landlords cannot evict residential or commercial tenants who can't pay rent on time due to COVID-19, nor will there be water shut-offs for non-payment of bill.

New York



-Governor ordered a 90-day moratorium on any residential or commercial evictions.

· Statewide halt on all eviction proceedings and eviction orders, effective March 16, 2020, and will be enforced indefinitely.

· No water shutoffs, most utilities have agreed to not shut off during the outbreak.

North Carolina



-Statewide halt on evictions for at least 30 days.

-North Carolina Utilities Commission suspended utility shutoffs and late fees during state of emergency.

North Dakota

Maybe See notes

-Status of evictions is up to individual courts. Check this website to see how each county in North Dakota is responding to coronavirus emergency.

-North Dakota Public Service Commission information on financial assistance with phone or internet service.



-Ohio Public Utilities Commission has extended its winter reconnect order until May 1, 2020.

-All regulated Ohio utilities have suspended disconnections during coronavirus threat.

-Ohio resources for economic support.



Evictions suspended for two months.



Yes No water shutoffs.


Yes Yes

-Oklahoma Chief Justice has ordered closure of courts, cancellation of trials, and extensions of deadlines.

-Courts have discretion to reschedule and use remote hearings

-Public Service Company of Oklahoma has suspended all service disconnections for non-payment.

-Oklahoma COVID-19 call center: 877-215-8336

Oklahoma County Yes Sheriff suspended enforcement of residential evictions, and district court suspended non-emergency court hearings.
Tulsa County Yes Court has suspended forcible entry and detainer dockets for the weeks of March 16 and March 23.


Yes Yes

-Governor ordered 90-day moratorium (starting 3/22) on evictions for nonpayment of rent.

-Oregon PUC list of utility providers who are suspending disconnects.




-Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered that no eviction, ejectment or other displacement from a residence based on failure to make payment can be made.

-Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's order prohibiting termination of utilities.




Also a halt on foreclosures and tax liens.

Rhode Island

Yes Yes

-Governor ordered that state courts won't process any residential or commercial evictions for 30 days as of 3/19.

-Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Public Utilities Commission ordered halt on termination of service for nonpayment through April 15 for residential acccounts.

South Carolina

Yes Yes

-Supreme Court of South Carolina ordered all evictions currently ordered and scheduled statewide to be rescheduled for no earlier than May 1, 2020.

-Public Service Commission of South Carolina ordered that all regulated utilities suspend disconnection for nonpayment during state of emergency.

South Dakota

Check South Dakota Unified Judicial System for status of cases.


Yes See notes

-Tennessee Supreme Court ordered that no officials may take action to evict or displace someone from a residence for nonpayment except under extraordinary circumstances through 4/30.

-According to Tennessee Public Utility Commission, many regulated utilities have agreed to suspend disconnections during the public health emergency.

Nashville Yes

-Metro water suspended cut-offs and will waive late fees for March.

-NES suspended all disconnects for nonpayment and waiving late fees through May 31.

-Piedmont gas suspended all disconnects.

-Sheriff's office has suspended eviction notices until further notice.


Yes Yes

Texas Supreme Court put a hold on evictions and hearings.

-Texas Public Utility Commission approved an order banning disconnections of water and power service for those affected by COVID-19.



Bexar County


San Antonio


Travis County



See notes Utah Supreme Court's order has left it to each court to decide whether to have remote hearings.


Yes Yes

-State of Vermont Supreme Court suspended all non-emergency court hearings (only emergency landlord-tenant hearings will be held, at discretion of the judge). Check with local court to confirm.

-Vermont Public Utility Commission ordered moratorium on utility disconnections for nonpayment.




-Supreme Court of Virginia has ordered the suspension all nonessential proceedings.

-Virginia Corporation Commission suspended disconnection of utility service for 60 days.


Yes See notes

-Governor ordered statewide ban on residential evictions for 30 days, starting 3/18.

-Governor issued proclamation urging utilities to not turn off service.

West Virginia

Yes Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia stayed all court proceedings through 4/10 in all fifty-five counties in West Virginia.



Governor issued utility-related emergency order.

Dane County Yes


-Wyoming Supreme Court ordered suspension of all in-person proceedings. Check court for status.

-Check Wyoming's COVID-19 website for more information.

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