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Winterbauer & Diamond PLLC

Winterbauer & Diamond PLLC is a premier Seattle employment and labor law firm, serving clients throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Firm Overview

We represent public and private employers, from sole proprietorships and start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, across a broad range of industries. We approach every workplace issue as an opportunity to effectuate positive change and further our clients' desired culture and other business interests. We offer timely, practical, and cost-effective advice and representation on the spectrum of legal issues in the workplace, including:
-Regulatory Compliance
-Administrative Enforcement
-Employment Litigation
-Labor Relations
-Public Employment
-Training and Investigations
-Proprietary Information
-Executive Mobility

Our small-firm, personal approach translates to efficient, responsive representation with a high level of client satisfaction. Calls are returned promptly, questions are encouraged, and answers are timely and clear. Our lawyers are deadline-driven and detail-oriented. At the same time, our focused practice and our commitment to technology investment enables us to compete on an equal footing with the largest firms. Additionally, we serve as the Washington state representative to the Worklaw Network, a nationwide consortium of law firms focused on management-side employment and labor law, which allows us to offer our regional clients access to legal resources and expertise in 27 states and Canada. Last, but not least, we are acutely conscious of our clients' need for cost-efficient legal services. To that end, we staff matters leanly, provide fee estimates and budgets, regularly communicate with clients regarding the cost of different strategies, and offer fixed and blended fee services, in addition to traditional hourly billing.

Counselors and Litigators/Trial Lawyers
We strongly believe in the benefits of a joint counseling and litigation/trial practice. Not every legal matter involves a dispute, and not every legal dispute requires litigation. We provide advice and counsel to help employers develop policies and practices that promote positive labor relations and ensure regulatory compliance. Rather than merely recite the letter of the law, we present a range of practical solutions accompanied by concrete recommendations regarding the most appropriate options. When a dispute does arise that requires formal legal intervention, our lawyers have the skill and experience to effectively advocate on your behalf. We counsel employers on issues which we have experience litigating, and we litigate and try matters on which we regularly counsel clients. Our Seattle firm's experience as both counselors and litigators/trial lawyers enriches our ability to provide advice and representation with greater understanding of, and sensitivity to, the big picture. To a large degree, our legal advice and counsel have been forged through the heat of trial. Theory may be different than practice. We educate and counsel our clients not only on what their legal rights are, but also on whether, when and how they can most effectively exercise them.

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Main Office
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Winterbauer & Diamond PLLC provides sound advice and effective representation in employment law litigation matters throughout Seattle, Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.

Our employment lawyers defend employers against claims and charges brought in court and before regulatory agencies on the full range of legal theories, including employment discrimination, employment torts, wage-related claims, unfair labor practice charges, and claims related to the protection of business information and assets.

Civil Rights and Discrimination
Local, state and federal lawmakers have created a complex hatchwork of laws, rules and regulations designed to combat discrimination, and promote civil rights, in employment. In these areas the legal landscape continues to change as the number of protected traits and classes increases and the related prohibitions expand and contract. Many adverse employment actions that involve a member of a protected class are potential lawsuits that may put the employer on the defensive, requiring the company to be able to justify its business decision in a compelling and persuasive manner. We defend employers before administrative agencies and in court against claims brought under any number of civil rights statutes and antidiscrimination laws, including, for example:
-Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
-Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
-Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973
-Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD)
-Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
-Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)
-Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
-Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA)

Employment Torts
Common law tort claims are increasingly used as bases to challenge work-related decisions and actions. We are well-versed in this ever-evolving area and regularly defend employers charged with any of the following tort claims, among others:
-Invasion of privacy
-Negligent or intentional misrepresentation
-Negligent retention, negligent supervision or negligent hire
-Wrongful discharge in violation of public policy
-Defamation and false light
-Malicious prosecution
-False imprisonment
-Negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress
-Assault and batter
-Tortious interference

Wage/Hour Issues and Claims
Wage and hour claims represent one of the fastest-growing dimensions of employment litigation. They also represent a large percentage of our litigation practice. We have substantial experience and expertise defending against the full range of wage and hour and related claims, whether prosecuted individually or in a representative capacity. For example, in the recent past, we have successfully defended employers, large and small, against individual and/or class-wide claims alleging variously that required rest and break periods were not provided or properly compensated; positions were misclassified for overtime exemption purposes; wages were wrongfully withheld and/or subjected to improper offset or deduction; travel and/or on-call time was not properly compensated; and workers who fit the definition of employees were misclassified as independent contractors.

Vanessa B. Chambers

Winterbauer & Diamond PLLC

Vanessa's practice focuses on employment-related litigation. Prior to joining the firm in 2011, Vanessa served as a Judicial Extern for the Honorable Marsha J. Pechman of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, and successfully completed the practicum for mediation certification.


Seattle University School of Law
Juris Doctorate,