Nolo Profile Help Page

Your Nolo Profile

With your Nolo subscription, you are given access to a custom, self-service profile that you control, in real-time.

Your profile is the first point-of-contact with a consumer searching for a local professional, and is an excellent way to build your online brand. Providing a well-rounded overview not only differentiates you, but it also helps consumers see how your practice and experience fit their needs. And creating your profile is easy - with a few clicks of your mouse, you can update your background information, add videos, and more. Every profile is search-engine optimized (SEO) for web searchability and includes:

Targeted Messaging
Differentiate your firm by adding a descriptive tagline and provide details pertaining to your practice areas in Firm Specialty.
Greater Exposure
Feature your firm's experience, case history, office hours, languages spoken and more in About the Firm.
Improved Leads
Complete profiles attract more qualified leads that are FREE with your listing.

Creating a Complete Nolo Profile

Get Started Editing Your Profile

You can add, change, or remove information on your profile by clicking the Edit Profile button in Profile menu. Create a comprehensive profile by providing information across five categories:

  • About the Firm
  • Firm Specialties
  • Firm Philosophy
  • About Lawyers
  • Videos
    About the Firm
    Distinguish your firm by providing a detailed tagline, relevant experience, case history, fees and more...
    Firm Specialty
    Send the right message to the right consumer by providing a detailed tagline and overview for each area of practice you are subscribed to.
    Firm Philosophy
    Set yourself apart by sharing your firm's philosophy and strengths.
    About Lawyers
    Introduce members of your firm.
    Personalize your message by uploading your videos.

    Pointers to Keep in Mind

    • Provide a professional photo
    • Write a detailed tagline
    • Use keywords to help search engines find you
    • Provide complete, well-written answers
    • Be candid and honest
    • Plain English is best!
    • Use examples
    • Take the time to do it right
    • Keep your profile current