William H. Michelson- Professional Liability Attorney

William H. Michelson- Professional Liability Attorney

An Experienced New Jersey Professional Liability Attorney

Firm Overview

Licensed professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, are responsible for the caliber of their work. They can be held legally liable for errors, omissions or negligence, as well as fraud, misrepresentation and non-performance, when they fail to adhere to accepted standards.

William H. Michelson has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in complex professional liability and malpractice cases, in many counties of New Jersey. His office is in Fanwood, a small town which, for those outside the area, sits between the better-known towns of Plainfield and Westfield, in Union County, New Jersey.

Efficient representation in professional malpractice matters
Clients trust the firm's discrete, effective representation to protect their rights. They call on Mr. Michelson to handle a wide range of professional negligence claims, including those involving attorneys, physicians, nurses, architects, engineers, real estate or mortgage brokers, and insurance brokers.
Our success in complex professional liability cases is grounded in our ability to see matters from multiple angles, and to direct our knowledge and experience toward strategies that achieve an optimal outcome. When doing so is beneficial to our clients, we pursue remedies outside of court, through settlement negotiations, mediation and arbitration. However, our strategy is always backed up with the ability and willingness to go to work in the courtroom.

Expert Witness Services

Mr. Michelson's services as an expert witness or expert consultant are in considerable demand, mostly in New Jersey but also sometimes in other states, in cases being handled by other attorneys. This is because most legal malpractice cases require expert testimony, and the attorney of record for a party cannot do this himself. He has written over 150 Affidavits of Merit (a step required by the New Jersey Rules of Court well before the case is ready for a formal report), and only does so when he believes that it is right, and a lawyer has most likely committed malpractice or some other tort. He also works for the defense of lawyers, if that is who retains him and the case is not meritorious.

He has written over 80 formal expert reports in legal malpractice and ethics cases, given dozens of depositions both in those cases and where he is a fact witness, and has testified in Court or at other hearings at least 15 times. Though he will not do this in kinds of cases where he does not have enough personal experience to do it fairly, he has done successful expert reports in cases involving most areas of the law. These range from personal injury law to commercial transactions, and from wills and trusts to real estate and land use law. That is because he has an unusually broad range of direct personal experience, in a legal career that has now spanned 35 years.

A Skilled New Jersey Professional Liability Lawyer

Mr. Michelson is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney with over 70 jury trials, over 20 bench trials, and over 40 appeals to his credit. He is also a New Jersey Superior Court Mediator, and a longtime member of Land Use Boards, having served on three of them, at various times. He was named to Super Lawyers of New Jersey for 2011 and 2013 in the Professional Negligence field, a process that a lawyer cannot seek, but is solely the result of recommendation by other lawyers.

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Ethics and Licensing Defense

Sometimes Attorneys get themselves into trouble because, under some kind of pressure or problem, they may have violated a Rule of Professional Responsibility, or other laws or court rules. There are also situations where their licensure, which gives them the right to practice law, has come into some question. At such a time,if you are an Attorney at Law, representing yourself is, to put it mildly, not a good idea. Attorneys often lose their ability to see things clearly and to determine what actions are in their own best (or worst) interest. If you have been served with a Grievance or Complaint, filed with a District Ethics Committee, you should see a qualified Ethics specialist as soon as possible. If it is a bad case in which you are accused of doing something serious, it should be handled just like being accused of a crime.

William H. Michelson has successfully defended Attorneys in ethics matters. The issues involved in ethics cases are very much like those found in legal malpractice cases. He has also acted as an expert witness on behalf of Attorneys in ethics cases, where a detailed explanation of some issue may help persuade the District Ethics Committee or Disciplinary Review Board that what the Attorney is accused of is either not true, not actually unethical, or at least less serious than it may have first appeared.

In New Jersey, all Attorneys are also subject to the jurisdiction of District Fee Arbitration Committees, which hear disputes about fees, but would have to report what they see as unethical conduct, for further action. Though most Fee Arbitration cases do not require separate counsel, it is sometimes a good idea.

The legal profession is not the only one in which practitioners are subject to ethics and licensing proceedings. William H. Michelson can also represent those who practice in other licensed professions, such as Physicians, Architects, Engineers, Chiropractors, Dentists, Nurses, and all the others. He has represented considerable numbers of these professionals in the course of his career. Don't go down just because you did not take a charge seriously.

William Michelson

William H. Michelson- Professional Liability Attorney

Admitted to the Practice of Law:
-New Jersey Supreme Court and U.S. District Court, 1982
-Iowa, 1979 (honorably inactive)
-U.S. District Courts in Iowa and U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, 1979 and 1981
-U.S. Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit, 1984
-U.S. Supreme Court, 1987

-University of Iowa, J.D. 1979
-University of Iowa, M.A. (Urban & Regional Planning) 1979
-Rutgers University (Rutgers College), A.B. 1975

-New Jersey State Bar Association
-Iowa State Bar Association
-American Bar Association

Practice Areas:
-Legal malpractice and ethics
-Expert witness services in legal malpractice and ethics cases
-Medical malpractice and professional negligence in all the professions
-Ethics and licensing matters in all the professions
-Mediation and arbitration services
-Insurance law
-Real estate and land-use law (urban planning background)
-Business law
-Employment law
-Public entity issues and litigation, political and election law
-General trial and appellate practice in numerous fields of law

-Certified civil trial attorney (Supreme Court of New Jersey)
Superior Court approved Mediator
-Super Lawyers of New Jersey, 2011 and 2013


University of Iowa
Juris Doctorate ,