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Protecting your rights, your family, and your money through:

- Family law counsel
- Criminal defense services
- Bankruptcy and debt relief solutions
- Tax and Business planning

We practice criminal and family law in several East Texas counties, including Gregg, Smith, Rusk, Cherokee, and Henderson counties. We office in Tyler however, so travel costs can become an issue if you have a case in more distant counties, such as Anderson county. We will discuss travel costs and are often lenient and will work with you to cut down on costs.

For tax cases, however, we are more expansive and can practice pretty much anywhere in the United States as going to court is rare and the governing law is largely federal. If the case or planning engagement involves drafting any legal documents, we are only licensed in Texas and can therefore, only draft legal documents in the State of Texas.

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Criminal Defense



Tyler Czapla


Areas of Practice

- Family Law
- Juvenile Law
- Criminal Defense
- Bankruptcy
- Contract and Consumer Litigation

I grew up in Gillette, Wyoming, on the sprawling high plains, roughly between Devils Tower (think Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and Yellowstone National Park. My family has always been close knit and hardworking: my Mom owns and operates two daycares and my Dad worked at a coal mine and industrial parts company before retiring. I have, despite my hardheadedness, acquired their work ethic.

I also developed a great appreciation for children and the parent-child relationship, working as a teacher at my mother's daycare several summers and after-school. After graduating with a political science degree and then a J.D. from The University of Wyoming, it was only natural that I gravitate towards a career helping children and families just like the ones I had grown to respect in my youth. After working for two years as a motions practice attorney, perfecting my research and writing skills, I began taking family law and general civil litigation cases. These cases opened my eyes and rekindled my passion to influence families and the working-class in a positive way; through affordable legal representation individually tailored to each client.

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Kacie Czapla


Areas of Practice

- Bankruptcy
- Business Law
-Tax Law

My husband, Ty created TLC Law, PLLC to focus on family and criminal law. I have since expanded the firm's practice to tax and business planning and bankruptcy. I consider myself a tax attorney in the broadest sense. A tax attorney must know more than just tax. A tax attorney aids the taxpayer in his pursuit to pay the government its just sharebut nothing more and along the way understands and appreciates the non-tax aspects of running a business. This pursuit involves tedious interpretation of all state and federal governing laws, careful planning of all aspects of a transaction or controversy with due consideration for the tax and other general business or financial implications, and, if necessary, drafting all relevant documents to execute and legalize a taxpayer's desired intent. These traits are not found in all attorneys or even all tax attorneys. I have been practicing as a tax attorney for six years in Texas, and in the last six years, I have gained invaluable experience as a tax and business planner for all types of businessesfrom the small, one man practice to the large, multi-national Exxon types. It is this experience which has laid the cornerstone for our practice in tax and business planning and bankruptcy. In addition to the practice of law, I am a professor at Stephen F Austin State University, where I teach all areas of tax from individual to corporate tax to accounting students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

In addition to my legal experience, I worked for Bank of America in Dallas as a risk assessor for corporate monitoring and compliance, and as a paid intern for the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions.

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