Thomas M. Shanley P.C.

Thomas M. Shanley P.C.

Greenwich, CT Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Firm Overview

Sophisticated boutique divorce firm approach to complex divorce issues
When a marriage fractures, it can present both spouses with a difficult emotional challenge. At The Law Office of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C., we help our clients rebuild. By offering discreet, ethical and professional representation, we help divorcing clients limit the damage, contain costs and lay the positive groundwork for the next stage of their lives. We assist clients in all aspects of divorce proceedings, including:
-Equitable distribution of assets
-Child custody
-Child support
-Child visitation
-Complex divorce
-Family law

Experienced, efficient and effective Greenwich divorce counsel
Attorney Thomas M. Shanley has more than 32 years' experience in divorce representation. In that time, he has developed a case management method, which is highly personal, reliably private, and technologically current. He is an effective negotiator and extremely respected courtroom litigator. Though he's supported by a capable and caring staff, Mr. Shanley handles all cases personally, and is readily accessible to his clients. Having spent decades negotiating complex divisions of assets, Mr. Shanley has come to rely heavily on precise and timely data. His insistence on cutting-edge technical support for his practice means that he can efficiently and immediately produce information to fortify assertions or satisfy questions.

Complex asset division in Connecticut divorce
According to Connecticut law, marital assets are subject to equitable distribution. So, the court faces the difficult task of assessing a marriage and arriving at some asset ratio grounded in relative fairness and consideration of statutory factors. Often, among affluent divorcees, much of the property in dispute, such as ongoing and speculative business concerns, trusts, stock options, and family businesses makes for complex valuations. Clients with estates seven-figures or greater need an attorney with vast experience, who has demonstrated an ability to account meticulously and argue persuasively for his clients' benefit. Tom Shanley is this attorney, with 32 years' experience practicing in Greenwich, CT. He understands complex issues and has the ability to find a workable resolution. He not only has the ability to understand the issues, but also can effectively articulate the solution.

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Preeminent Greenwich, Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

Discreet, ethical and professional representation
The Law Office of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C. has more than 32 years' experience helping western Connecticut clients get through the trying process of divorce. We offer exceptional representation at all stages from filing to trial and appeal, including:
-Alimony or spousal support
-Child custody
-Child support
-Custody and support modifications
-High net-worth representation
-Post-judgment modifications
-Appeals of divorce decrees

Limiting losses and securing your future
It is not unusual for people to feel as if they have lost their emotional and financial footing while going through a divorce, but The Law Office of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C. helps you develop an understanding of current circumstances and regain control of your situation. Tom helps you understand where you are and where you are going. Our capable attorneys and staff work to limit your losses and create a divorce agreement that meets your needs and will stand the test of time. We have vast -experience in complex divorces, negotiating equitable distribution of such varied assets as:
-Family estates and trusts
-Financial portfolios and hedge funds
-Wholly owned businesses
-Real estate developments and income producing
-Family businesses
-Legal and medical practices
-Complex corporate compensation packages

Experience has taught us that due diligence, open communication and a sharp focus on our clients' long-term goals can limit the strain of divorce and put our clients in a position to move confidently forward with their lives.

Our discretion protects your privacy
Though filing for divorce has become more common over the years, it still creates an occasion for outsiders to speculate about a couple's private life, and the ensuing gossip can be intrusive and disruptive. Careers can be impacted and business opportunities stalled when potential collaborators or clients assume the timing is not right to engage your services. At The Law Office of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C., we completely understand your need for confidentiality. We have in place numerous safeguards to ensure that your divorce proceedings are kept as private as possible.
Workable plans that maintain crucial relationships
The Law Office of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C. understands that in most cases, especially where there are children, some relationship between the separating spouses must be maintained. That's why we make it a priority to establish realistic and effective plans for co-parenting, spousal support, child support, custody, and visitation. We want to ensure that you have a functional framework that allows you a nurturing relationship with your children, so, as the pain of the divorce fades, you grow closer together. We continue to offer legal services after the divorce decree, if and when modifications are necessary to make your plan run more smoothly.

Thomas Shanley

Thomas M. Shanley P.C.

Since 1979, Thomas Shanley has represented those engaged in domestic law matters, including divorce, child custody, asset division and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. When he founded The Law Office of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C. in 1988, Mr. Shanley committed to maintaining a practice equally balanced between male and female clients. His experience and his attention to detail allows him to represent clients with significant and complex assets to divide. Former clients include professionals (or their spouses) such as: physicians, corporate executives with substantial compensation and severance packages, senior partners of nationally recognized law and accounting firms, employees in the financial sector such as hedge fund owners, directors, asset managers, and those from private equity, as well as individuals with family owned business interests and trusts. Tom has also represented individuals, or spouses of individuals, in the entertainment industry such as award-winning TV show producers and directors, and athletes.
No matter how complex the family law case, Mr. Shanley always strives to achieve workable solutions through compassionate guidance and strong advocacy through every step of the divorce process to ensure a just and fair settlement or ruling. Mr. Shanley acknowledges the uniqueness of each clients' needs and he is incredibly responsive.
He has been recognized over the past years in CT Super Lawyer Magazine, New England's Super Lawyer section of Top Attorneys, Top Lawyer in New Canaan, Darien Magazine, and the "Top 522 Attorneys in 67 Practice Areas" by Greenwich Magazine.


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