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Shewmaker & Shewmaker, LLC

The attorneys at Shewmaker & Shewmaker are knowledgeable in wide variety of legal areas. From highly specialized law dealing with complex military matters, to the potentially volatile area of marital and family law, to areas of criminal law that are

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The attorneys at Shewmaker & Shewmaker have an impressive track record combined with experience in several areas of the law that sets the firm apart. Owing to the military background of the attorneys and their service to the United States Armed Forces, they are able to effectively deal with a range of unique military legal matters that other firms are hesitant to touch. Matters like administrative service discharges, court martial trials or veteran’s benefits disputes. Other areas of the law applicable to civilians, divorce and family law for instance, become significantly more complicated when they involve military service members, spouses, retirees or their families. The lawyers at Shewmaker and Shewmaker fully understand the concerns and requirements of the military client and are well equipped to provide counsel and obtain the very best outcomes.

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