Salter Ferguson, LLC

Salter Ferguson, LLC

More than 30 years of combined legal experience representing personal injury, defective products and dangerous drug cases.

Firm Overview

We are a mother-daughter legal team that brings a breadth of life and legal experience to the practice of law. Karen Salter is a registered nurse, and a former hospital manager. Her daughter, Carmen Ferguson, is a former insurance adjuster.

From our offices in Birmingham, Salter Ferguson, LLC offers free parking and a flexible appointment schedule, including evenings, weekends and off-site visits. Contact our law firm online today to schedule an absolutely free initial injury consultation and learn more about your rights and options.

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Personal Injury

Our legal team has more than 30 years of combined legal experience and a record of success in personal injury cases. Over the years, our attorneys have won millions of dollars in financial compensation for injured people.

We represent injured people on a contingency or percentage basis. That means you will not pay any attorney fees unless we win your case.

Our law firm handles a wide range of personal injury matters, including:

Car accidents: We help people recover financial damages for car crashes every day.

Truck accidents: Accidents that involve semis and other large commercial trucks are legally complicated. It is wise to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycle accident victims are at risk on the road and in the courtroom. Learn how we can help balance the scales of justice.

Pedestrian & bicycle accidents: Our laws protect pedestrians and cyclists also. We protect them.

Drunk driver victims: Injuring another person while driving drunk is wantonness, or the highest possible degree of irresponsibility. We pursue multiple sources of financial compensation when handling drunk driver cases.

Premises liability: Have you been seriously injured on someone else's property? From slip-and-falls to negligent security, we can help.

Slip, trip and fall accidents: A slip on a wet surface or a trip over a hidden defect can cause serious injuries. We help accident victims get the compensation they are entitled to receive.

Negligent Security: Inadequate security can result in assaults and attacks that never would have happened if the property owner had taken proper preventive action.

Dog bites: Pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their dogs. If you, your child or your loved one was injured in an animal attack, you have financial recovery options.

Nursing home abuse and neglect: Do you believe that someone you love has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect? Family members are often the first to notice, so speak up.
Pharmacy errors: Prescription drugs are powerful medications that can cause serious harm when prescribed incorrectly.

Hospital employee negligence: When nurses, assistants, doctors, therapists, technicians and other hospital employees make mistakes, patients often pay the price.

Defective products: You trust the products you use to work properly; and you trust manufacturers to provide sufficient warnings of danger. We hold negligent manufacturers and distributors responsible for their errors.

Injuries to children: Has your child suffered a serious injury as the result of a defective product, car crash or other accident? We will help you protect your child.

Wrongful death: If you have lost someone you love as the result of another person's negligence, we can help you recover financially from the tragedy.

Brain injury: Injuries to the brain can cause permanent changes to one's ability to think and function. We hold those who caused your or your loved one's brain injury responsible for the damages that have been suffered.

Spinal cord injury: When a life-altering injury robs you of the life you once led, the negligent party must be held responsible.

Auto Accident

Karen Salter

Salter Ferguson, LLC

Karen is a Registered Nurse and Accident Injury Attorney who represents individuals and families in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Her primary areas of practice are automobile, motorcycle and ATV accidents, children's injuries, hospital employee and nursing negligence, nursing home abuse and defective products.


Birmingham School of Law, Birmingham, Alabama
J.D., 1995

Carmen Ferguson

Salter Ferguson, LLC

As a former insurance adjuster, attorney Carmen has a special insight into personal injury and wrongful death claims involving automobile and ATV/4-wheeler accidents.


Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama
J.D., 2006