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Russel G. Winick & Associates, P.C.

Experienced, Caring, and Responsive Representation, and Cost-Effective Strategies that Add Value and Help Businesses Achieve Their Goals

Firm Overview

The complexity of running a business in today's world often requires the legal expertise of seasoned professionals. Russel G. Winick & Associates, P.C. is a team of Naperville business attorneys, who provide skilled business representation to clients throughout DuPage, Will, Kane, and Cook Counties, and is conveniently located minutes from Wheaton, Downers Grove, Warrenville....

We are exclusively business lawyers. We do not handle divorces, personal injury cases, residential real estate closings, criminal cases, etc., like some "business lawyers" do.

Business lawyers that help you achieve success An experienced business attorney from our firm will provide you with strategies that help you achieve your objectives, and solve your business problems, while offering legal assistance in:

Business formation and corporate maintenance. Our knowledgeable Naperville business law attorneys will handle all aspects of business formation and maintenance for any size business.
Contracts. Contracts are one of the most significant areas of legal concern for business owners. Crafting and negotiating contracts which protect your business is paramount in keeping your business healthy.
Business transactions. From business formations and acquisitions to employment disputes, our business attorneys can provide astute legal assistance to protect your rights and grow your business.
Franchise agreements. If you are considering buying or selling a franchise business, an experienced franchise attorney can provide sound advice.
Commercial litigation. Whether you need assistance in resolving a dispute or strong advocacy in court to protect your rights, we can provide aggressive representation in contentious business matters.
Commercial leases. Whether you need assistance in reviewing and negotiating a commercial lease, or with resolving a lease dispute, our attorneys can assist you in all matters involving leases for business purposes.
Commercial real estate. Our business attorneys can assist in all matters of leasing, buying, or selling real estate for business purposes.
Trademarks and service marks. Protecting trademarks and service marks is an essential part of many businesses, and we can help you prevent others from infringing on their usage.
Copyright services. Our business lawyers can help you protect intellectual copyrighted materials and/or obtain copyrights for written works and other property.
Estate planning, wills, and trusts. Planning ahead to protect your assets and provide for heirs is always prudentparticularly when your assets include business assets in addition to your personal property.
Probate practice. Passing on without an estate plan that stipulates business matters can leave remaining partners and heirs with a lengthy and expensive probate process.
Intellectual property licensing. In licensing intellectual property, you can profit from others' use of your property in U.S. and overseas markets.
Laundry service industry law. Our attorneys represent companies in the laundry service "route" business throughout the United States. Our lawyers have handled over 5,000 laundry room matters, including over 500 lawsuits.

Your business is our business

Contact a business lawyer at Russel G. Winick & Associates, P.C. for assistance with your legal matters at 630-548-5800. You can also use our email form and contact our business attorneys for help.

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Main Office
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Business Formation & Corporate Maintenance

In today's sluggish economy, maintaining and building a business can present numerous challenges. Our business attorneys represent clients throughout DuPage, Will, Kane, and Cook Counties in Illinois, and our office is conveniently located In Naperville, just minutes from Wheaton. A skilled business lawyer from our firm can meet the needs of both small and larger businesses, and offer legal assistance in:

Business formation and corporate maintenance
Liability protection
Franchise agreements
Business transactions
Commercial litigation
Commercial real estate
Trademarks and service marks
Copyright services
Estate planning, wills, and trusts
Probate practice
Intellectual property licensing
Laundry service industry law

Advice from our business attorneys

When starting a company, there are numerous issues to address, and if the proper steps are not taken, business owners can soon find themselves marooned on a treacherous legal island. Whether you are a small or larger business, we can help you navigate the process. Following are a few issues that can greatly affect new businesses:

Agreements with partners/co-founders. While handshake deals may be enforceable, anyone endeavoring to do business is wise to document all the details of partner and co-founder agreements. By doing so, you can avoid complex and lengthy disputes down the line.
Trademarks. Registering any business trademark is a matter that should be high on your list of priorities. Since domain name registration does not guarantee any legal rights to marks on the Internet, it is prudent to register trademarks federally to protect your rights.
Employee issues. One of the largest potential risks for any business lies in the area of employees. Both state and federal laws impose regulations, standards, protections, and restrictions regarding employees. We can help you avoid problems.
Contract liabilities. All contracts should be written in a manner that limits liabilities and protects your rights. Having an experienced contract attorney can literally save a business millions.
Our business law firm provides legal assistance throughout the business formation process
Whether you are starting a new business, purchasing an existing business, or are restructuring or growing your business, our business lawyers provide assistance throughout the entire process, including:

Filing Articles of Incorporation
Filing Articles of Organization (limited liability company)
Comprehensive advice regarding personal liability protection
Corporate maintenance services including filing annual secretary of state reports
Annual corporate minutes preparation
Corporate resolution preparation

Let our experienced business attorneys take care of the details while you take care of business. Contact our business attorneys at Russel G. Winick & Associates, P.C. online. Call our Naperville business law firm at 630-548-5800 today to discuss your business needs.

Russel G. Winick

Russel G. Winick & Associates, P.C.

Practice Areas
Business Law; Corporate Law; Business Transactions; Commercial Litigation; Administrative Agency Practice; Administrative Hearings and Appeals; Distribution Agreements; Civil Appeals; Business Development; Business Dissolutions; Business Enterprises; Business Formation; Business Fraud; Business Litigation; Business Organization; Business Planning; Business Start-Ups; Business Torts; Business Transfers; Buy-Sell Agreements; Buying and Selling of Businesses; Closely Held Business Law; Entrepreneurial Business Law; Joint Ventures; Limited Liability Company Law; Professional Practices; Small Business Law; Chancery Practice; Commercial Torts; Commercial Transactions; Commercial Transfers; Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions; Commercial Real Estate Contracts; Commercial Real Estate Development; Commercial Real Estate Litigation; Construction Contracts; Consumer Fraud; Breach of Contract; Commercial Contracts; Contract Fraud; Contract Litigation; Closely Held Corporations; Corporate Commercial Law; Corporate Contracts; Corporate Formation; Corporate Governance; Corporate Litigation; Corporate Organization; Corporate Planning; Incorporation; Professional Corporations; S Corporations; Small Business Corporations; Entertainment Contracts; Franchise Law; Covenants Not To Compete; Employment Breach of Contract; Noncompete Litigation; Noncompetition and Non-Solicitation; Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law; Commercial Leasing; Evictions; Lease Terminations; Leasing; Office Leasing; Shopping Center Leasing; Unlawful Detainer; Civil Litigation; Trial Practice; Long-Arm Litigation; Business Acquisitions; Partnership Dissolution; Real Estate Leasing

1983, Illinois and U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois

Law School
University of Oregon, J.D.

DuPage County (Past Chairman, Business Law and Practice Committee), Illinois State and American Bar Associations.

Russel G. Winick has been a business attorney for almost 30 years. He assists businesses of all types and sizes with every aspect of their operations, including contracts, leases, customer problems, employee matters, stock and asset purchase agreements, financing, franchising agreements, marketing, stockholder and operating agreements, and commercial litigation. Mr. Winick helps his clients succeed and grow by devising state-of-the-art contracts, and unique market-based strategies for seizing opportunities and avoiding problems. Mr. Winick is a former Chairman of the Business Law and Practice Committee of the DuPage County Bar Association. He is a long-time Naperville resident. Author: "When Can A Landlord Legally Retain A Security Deposit ?", Northwest Suburban Bar Association Journal, March, 1985.

Chicago, Illinois

Nassau Terrace Condo v. Silverstein, 182 Ill. App. 3d 221, 537 N.E. 2d 998 (1989); Applegate Apts. v. Commercial Coin Laundry, 276 Ill. App. 3d 433, 657 N.E.2d 1172 (1995).