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Roxborough, Pomerance, Nye & Adreani, LLP

What does it meanOur Approach? Is it a set of core values, policies, practices or a unique strategy? Is it a philosophy or attitude about clients and colleagues? Does it include professional and personal responsibility and development?

Firm Overview

What makes RPNA different than other law firms? The answer is all of the above.

There are five concepts that guide RPNA attorney and staff conduct, shape the firm's practice and solidify our steadfast commitment to our clients:

Our highest priority is to provide clients with the best of the firm on every matter, every day.
This includes a deep understanding of our client's business and industry, which make us far more sensitive to their often unique needs. Our attorneys adapt to the realities of our clients, who depend not only on our expertise, but also on our ability to think and act as real partners. We strive to provide creative, practical and responsive solutions. Anticipating our clients' needs take on far greater focus at RPNA. Technically accurate, efficient and innovative counsel in sync with our clients' business objectives is our primary objective. Our lawyers truly believe that the best attorneys in the country want to provide exceptional counsel and service to clientsso the firm invests time and effort into creating a culture that nurtures and supports this concept.

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of our culture.
RPNA was founded by entrepreneurial trial lawyers. The global economic climate demands creativity and innovation, and our attorneys focus on outside of the box thinking. Our lawyers and every member of our staff are encouraged to think beyond the traditional idea of practicing law. We incorporate historical wisdom and legal precedent with highly unique solutions that are designed to deal with the modern challenges of today. This approach has allowed us to set legal precedents on behalf of our clients. In essence, RPNA is known for ingenuity, creativity and innovation, particularly in the courtroom.

Creativity also involves listening to our clients. Winning the case in the short run may not be the end goal at every turn for our client. Our lawyers understand that a client's individual goals comes first, and that the preservation of the commercial relationship or looming financial concerns may dictate that our team forge a nontraditional path to dispute resolution.

Our attorneys demand excellence.
Excellence in the practice of law coupled with true client focus allows our attorneys to provide the highest level of success possible. The firm's lawyers and professional staff have high expectations of themselves and of one another. RPNA's track record of success is far more than an accomplishment, but rather drives us to set even higher standards for excellence going forward. Relying on past accomplishments is not in the firm's cultural DNA.

Our firm functions as one team.
All of our attorneys and support staff strive to function as a single team when serving our clients, whose often specific goals act as our collective compass. The firm fosters a working atmosphere of collegiality, respect and collaboration. RPNA is not the typical law firm of "single shingles" united under one roof. Our partners function as true partners, working together to produce the best possible outcome for our client. Our emphasis on teamwork allows us to value the individual contributions that all attorneys and professional staff alike offer.

Our attorneys demand the highest level of personal integrity and civility.
Respect and personal accountability for every action and decision are at the core of the firm's beliefs. This integrity is essential to everything we do. We strive to remain objective, enabling us to correctly advise clients of their options and to preserve their interests. This integrity expands into how the firm communicates with clients, many of whom are faced with potentially hazardous situations and/or serious monetary ramifications. Our attorneys are honest, straightforward and direct with clients every step of the way.

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Main Office
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Complex Business Litigation

When the stakes are at their highest, California businesses turn to RPNA. Despite a company's best efforts to avoid litigation, sometimes there is no alternative. At RPNA, our attorneys have the tools and experience required to guide clients through the often difficult maze of dispute resolution options, traditional litigation, trial and the appellate process. Whether our client needs to file a lawsuit or to defend their position in a complex suit brought by another party, our attorneys pursue solutions with a zealous, ethical and pragmatic approach to problem solving. When skilled representation in the courtroom is needed, RPNA provides it. If immediate resolution is desired, our attorneys find it.

Our rule is simple: no one will be better prepared than our lawyers. RPNA is known for providing clear, persuasive arguments that advocate our clients' position and goals. Because not all cases should go to trial, where appropriate we advise clients to consider alternatives to traditional litigation such as mediation, arbitration and settlement. At the inception of a case, our attorneys carefully listen, analyze the case and map out a game plan tailored not only to the client's desired outcome, but also with thought pertaining to creative, cost effective and case efficient considerations.

Once a course of action is decided, RPNA attorneys aggressively and professionally represent the firm's client, keeping them fully informed of all developments. Our business litigation experience spans the spectrum of commercial disputes and substantive law matters, including:
-Class actions
-Insurance litigation
-Labor and employment litigation
-Misappropriation of trade secrets
-Business & Professions Code Sec. 17200/unfair competition
-Shareholder and corporate litigation
-Real estate litigation
-Partnership dissolutions and disputes
-Privacy litigation and trade libel
-Administrative law and municipality litigation
-Trial and appellate practice
-Alternative dispute resolution

When the result matters, RPNA attorneys are at the forefront of innovation. The firm resolves complicated, "bet the company" litigation. Whether the dispute hits the headlines or is discretely settled outside of the courtroom, our litigators have proven to be a tenacious force by obtaining success at the pleading, summary judgment, trial or appellate stages of a case.

We regularly handle complex disputes with tremendous success. As experienced trial attorneys, the firm offers true depth and dimensional expertise in trying cases to verdict before state and federal courts, as well as in preparing appellate briefs and arguing cases to the courts of appeal and the California Supreme Court. While most attorneys never attain a single published appellate decision throughout their entire career, RPNA maintains a track record of 20 winning published decisions to date... and counting.

RPNA litigators are regular speakers and lecturers on litigation and dispute resolution topics. The firm's attorneys participate in a variety of bar and other professional associations, and Senior Partner Drew Pomerance is a member of the American Board of Trial Advoca

Nicholas P. Roxborough

Roxborough, Pomerance, Nye & Adreani, LLP

Described as a legal and professional "difference maker" for the business community, Nicholas P. Roxborough continues to pioneer, win and secure for a wide range of employers throughout the nation, their right to be treated fairly and equitably by their insurance carriers. Mr. Roxborough recognizes that every case, every lawsuit has quantifiable financial impacts on his clients' bottom lines. He has dedicated his practice to representing employers in all aspects of insurance and employers' rights issues.

Mr. Roxborough is Co-managing Partner of Los Angeles based Roxborough, Pomerance, Nye & Adreani, LLP, the first law firm in the country to specialize in representing employers nationwide in workers' compensation premium disputes. Mr. Roxborough has been practicing law since 1984. He has substantial litigation, trial and appellate experience. Since 1992, Mr. Roxborough has obtained eight published appellate opinions concerning employer's rights in the insurance arena. He and his partner obtained the largest punitive damages trial award on behalf of a California employer against its workers' compensation insurance carrier. He has won numerous cases and arbitrations where national carriers were found to be in violation of Business & Professions Code Section 17200 (unfair trade practices).

Mr. Roxborough has fought for and achieved numerous class action settlements against multi-national corporations for having violated consumer and employee rights. Mr. Roxborough has extensive expertise in assisting tribal entities throughout the State of California in their battles against carriers and regulatory agencies concerning the protection and preservation of tribal entities' sovereign rights.

Starting in 2004, Mr. Roxborough chaired the Workers' Compensation Task Force. Many of the solutions recommended by the Task Force resulted in major legislative changes in the workers' compensation industry. Mr. Roxborough continues to work with the current Commissioner, Dave Jones, on similar and related issues for employers and consumers.

Recognized for his expertise and influence on policy and legislation, Mr. Roxborough is frequently asked to address trade associations, California State Bar organizations, private employers, as well as the California Legislature. For the past 20 years, Mr. Roxborough has been a featured speaker at the: California Workers Comp Forum Annual Meetings, American Staffing Association, Employers Fraud Task Force, Southern/Northern California Association of Brokers, CWC and Risk Conference, Profiles in Human Resources Association (PIHRA), Northern California Workers Comp Forum, OCRims, California Workers Compensation Insurance Defense State Bar, and the Los Angeles Federal Reserve Bank concerning the State of California's workers compensation crisis, as well as various other insurance associations throughout California.

Mr. Roxborough is regularly quoted as an expert in numerous employer and insurance trade journals, and has appeared on television to comment on insurance and privacy matters.


Southwestern University
Juris Doctorate,