Peter Larkin, Attorney at Law

Peter Larkin, Attorney at Law

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In the criminal justice system, the prosecutors keen on proving your guilt are backed by abundant resources. A job well done means conviction. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side balances the scales and allows a fair fight. In certain cases it may even result in case dismissal. Since admitted in 1976, Attorney Peter Larkin has defended the rights of those accused, handling a wide scope of criminal cases:

-Three strikes
-Probationary violation
-Drug crimes
-Drug trafficking
-Felonies Murder
-Solicitation to commit murder
-Assault and battery
-Sex crimes
-Domestic violence
-Gang Cases
-Juvenile theft cases
-Juvenile fitness
-Criminal appeals
-White collar crimes
-Vehicle manslaughter
-DUI with injury
-Name invasion
-Elder abuse
-Special circumstances murder

Drug Crimes, Homicide, and Weapon Charges Attorney in Long Beach, CA
The consequences of some criminal acts are more severe than others. Drug crime sentencing in California is complex. An experienced drug crime attorney in Long Beach defends your rights based on the type and quantity of drugs and whether the case is tried at the state or federal level. For example, with a crack cocaine conviction, which carries heavier sentencing than other drugs, imprisonment can range from five to 40 years and repeat offenses carry even stiffer penalties.

Homicide charges are some of the most serious criminal offenses. Anyone facing homicide allegations should obtain a competent and skilled Long Beach homicide lawyer as soon as possible. Life in prison or the death penalty are possible sentencing, if convicted.

Offenders using a deadly weapon may be charged with a misdemeanor or face felony weapons charges, depending on the circumstances of the crime and their criminal history background. Judges have considerable latitude in charging the offense. Obtaining a weapons charge attorney in Long Beach early in your case can make a considerable difference in the outcome.

Defending your rights beyond a reasonable doubt
While the prosecutor's allegations may seem irrefutable, in all criminal cases you are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution bears the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Criminal Defense

Long Beach Drug Crime Attorney

Felony charges for drug offenses are more the rule than the exception. In fact, medical marijuana possession, which is lawful in California, is frequently being charged as cultivation or another drug crime. Peter Larkin is an experienced Long Beach drug crime attorney. He has practiced criminal defense for more than 35 years and can effectively help you defend against drug charges.

Fighting to protect your rights in Long Beach
Protecting your rights can mean the difference between doing a drug treatment program, and spending time in jail or prison. While federal and state drug laws are complex, many effective defenses are available to fight a Long Beach drug charge.

What are considered Long Beach drug crimes?
Between federal criminal drug statutes and California drug law under the California Health and Safety Code, drug offenses comprise a maze of detailed regulation. Your best chances for effective defense are using seasoned drug crime attorneys who can navigate the legal complexity and devise successful defense strategies.

Under state and federal laws, possible charges for Long Beach drug crime include:
-Drug possession includes possessing small drug quantities for personal use along with drug paraphernalia such as marijuana bongs, hash pipes, or spoons and needles with heroin residue.
-Drug conspiracy is the agreement to carry out a drug crime regardless of whether or not the plan is successful. Some degree of corroboration must be involved, not mere knowledge of the conspiracy or a relationship with conspirators. Conspiracies are often plans to cultivate, sell, distribute, or traffic in drugs.
-Drug trafficking refers to manufacture, import, export, distribution, sale, or possession of illegal controlled substances under local, state, or federal statues with the intent to commit such crimes.
-Drug smuggling refers to the hidden and illegal import or export of drugs that avoids customs inspection and taxation.
-Drug possession with intent to distribute is determined under state and federal law by the quantity of drugs in possession. Authorities assume that large drug quantity possession involves the intent to distribute drugs.
-Prescription fraud occurs when fraud, forgery, deceit, or some other dishonest means is used to obtain prescription drugs. Buying or selling prescription drugs from others, filling the same prescription at more than one pharmacy, and forging a doctor's prescription are examples of prescription drug fraud.

Long Beach Homicide Attorney
Homicides are very serious offenses, consisting of legal challenges for both the defense and prosecution. Although prosecutors bear the burden of proof, anyone facing homicide charges should only consider a very skilled and experienced Long Beach homicide attorney to handle their case. Peter Larkin, Attorney at Law has more than three decades of experience in criminal law and is highly competent in homicide defense.

Homicide law in Long Beach
Homicide refers to any killing whether lawful or unlawful. Self defense and military killing are instances where homicide is lawful. However, when referring to a criminal case, homicides involve unlawful killing and are generally tried at the state level. Sentencing varies from state to state, and some states carry maximum penalties of capital punishment. In other states, the maximum penalty for homicide is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Types of homicide charges

California has various types of homicide charges. Homicide in Long Beach includes:
-Murder. Murder is the most serious homicide and is characterized by malicious intent. There are different degrees of murder and the most egregious involves malice aforethought or in other words premeditated murder. Murder is further classified into capital murder, first degree, second degree, and attempted murder.
-Manslaughter. Manslaughter differs from murder in that no malicious intent or premeditation about killing is involved. Various types of manslaughter are recognized by California courts, such as--
-Voluntary manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter is spontaneous killing without malice or premeditation, resulting from an argument or in the heat of passion.
-Involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter is killing that occurs without malice and without the intent to kill but results from a disregard for human life in violation of a law or a through a lawful act that involves great risk of injury or death. An example of involuntary manslaughter may be a hunter who mistakes another hunter for an animal and shoots, killing the person.
-Vehicular manslaughter. Vehicular manslaughter involves killing that occurs as a result of driving unlawfully or while committing an unlawful act. An example of vehicular manslaughter would be killing a pedestrian while trying to evade the police during a high speed chase.

Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin, Attorney at Law

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1976, California; 1977, U.S. District Court, Central District of California; 1993, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California

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Southwestern Law School, J.D.

Long Beach Bar Association; State Bar of California; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice.

Peter Larkin was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1976. He became a certified specialist in Criminal Law in 1987. He has an AV rating which is the highest rating that Martindale-Hubble provides. His entire career has been spent defending people charged with crimes. He has represented numerous people in death penalty cases, murder cases, and other complex criminal litigation, for example, shaken baby syndrome cases. He has been trying major felony cases for over 30 years.

Administrator, Los Padrinos Juvenile Defense Association.


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