Peter D. Cleveland, P.C.A Professional Corporation, Attorney at Law

Peter D. Cleveland, P.C.A Professional Corporation, Attorney at Law

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Firm Overview

What can you expect from this Indiana attorney with more than 30 years of experience?

An experienced, knowledgeable and practical attorney who makes life easier for you. Attorney Peter D. Cleveland has more than 30 years of legal experience and is well known for his integrity and exemplary legal service in the following areas:

-Planning and land use
-Real estate litigation
-Real estate development and transactions

Testimony to this is Attorney Cleveland's AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest recognition possible in the legal industry, for his professionalism and ethics.

Indianapolis lawyer emphasizes client service
I am committed to developing and sustaining long-term relationships with my clients and pride myself on being responsive to your needs and concerns. I combine the responsiveness and one-on-one personal service you find at a small firm with the skills, experience and resources you get at a larger law firm. My primary goal is to offer high quality, effective legal representation at an affordable cost.

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Real Estate

Experienced Indianapolis Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate law and litigation attorney Peter D. Cleveland applies his extensive knowledge about property rights, real estate issues, finance and business to all areas of real estate law. With more than 30 years of experience in real estate law, Peter D. Cleveland, P.C. can help you with:

-Residential home sales transactions
-Commercial property sales transactions
-Homeowners associations
-Condominium law
-Landlord-tenant disputes
-Real estate contracts
-Eminent domain
-Zoning, land-use and building permits
-Boundary and easement disputes
-Title disputes

Real estate transaction attorney
From offer to sale, I handle all aspects of buying and selling real estate and construction so that you can feel confident about a smooth and precise transaction. I can:

-Draft or review your sales contract
-Negotiate real estate agreements
-Review your lending documents
-Search and clear title
-Analyze your deal and rectify potential problems
-Handle land use, zoning and permitting
-Conduct your real estate closing

Tackling your real estate disputes
When it comes to real estate, I know the art of the deal and the art of a deal gone wrong. When facing the stress of real estate litigation, retaining an attorney with substantial knowledge about Indiana property laws and civil litigation can lighten the burden. By assertively applying my experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of property rights, civil procedure, finance and business, I can handle your disputes related to:

-Real property contracts
-Residential home sales
-Commercial property sales
-Contractors and subcontractors
-Homeowners associations
-Eminent domain
-Zoning, land use and building permits
-Boundaries and easements

Saving your home from wrongful foreclosure
You worked hard to purchase your dream home. When unexpected circumstances occur that put your home at risk of foreclosure, you can take crucial steps to ensure your lender complies with its legal duties. I combine innovative strategies with fierce determination to defend your right to keep your home. When selling your home presents the better option, I guide you toward the most advantageous situation. The means of protecting your home include use of:

-Mortgage modification
-Loan forbearance
-Short sale
-Deed in lieu of foreclosure

Defending your right against government's abuse of power
Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property for public use. The process involves condemnation of your property, appraisal of its value, an offer to purchase and negotiation for a fair price. If the government offers an unsatisfactory amount of compensation or your property was improperly designated for public use, you can sue to halt the eminent domain process or receive the compensation you deserve. I zealously protect clients' property from eminent domain abuses.

Resolving an eviction crisis
Eviction is disruptive to both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord must spend the time and money to replace tenants who fall behind on rent, and displaced families must locate a new home under traumatic circumstances. With this scenario in mind, I help mediate disputes when eviction is undesirable. If you are a tenant who unfairly faces eviction, I protect your right to remain in your home. If you are a landlord whose tenants are engaged in disruptive, illegal or damaging behavior, I help you to protect your property and your business.

Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR)
ADR refers to other means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. Some contracts require binding arbitration or nonbinding mediation to resolve disputes that arise out of the transaction governed by the agreement. When the cost and time of litigation exceeds the likely outcome, you may choose to settle instead. If negotiating a settlement, my tenacity directs the proceedings toward a desirable outcome.

Peter Cleveland

Peter D. Cleveland, P.C.A Professional Corporation, Attorney at Law

In addition to my real estate development work in partnership with others and for my owner development company, I maintain a private law practice, representing individuals and companies, local and national, with their real estate matters throughout Indiana.

My experience and current practice span the full spectrum of real estate concerns and events, in all forms of transactions, from commercial acquisitions, sales, leasing and financing to select individual residential transactions.

In real estate development I have handled the acquisition, zoning, platting, permitting, financing and corresponding retail sales of residential subdivisions and condominiums. Similarly, I have represented owner-occupants in developing their single-use commercial, office and industrial properties, as well as developers of commercial, office and industrial properties, whether in free-standing, shopping center or mixed-use, integrated center format.

I am past president of the Land Use Section of the Indianapolis Bar Association, and have assisted developers, real estate brokers and companies and individuals with their land use planning, zoning and permitting needs in many cities, towns and countries throughout Indiana.

In what I broadly describe as land use litigation, I have represented individuals and companies in all forms of contested zoning and permitting proceedings, including court and jury trials and appeals ranging from initial writ of certiorari petitions and extending to petitions to transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court. In select cases in various jurisdictions around Indiana I have represented remonstrators and remonstrator groups. I have represented land owners in court and jury trials in implied, prescriptive and express easement cases, in boundary line disputes and adverse possession claims, in drainage and access cases involving injunctive and declaratory relief, and in construction performance.

Biographical and Curriculum Vitae

As a practicing attorney for over 28 years, I have concentrated in real estate matters for most of my career, and have participated as a principal in real estate development since the mid 1990s.

I am former general counsel for and a principal of Tharp Investments, Inc. and its affiliated real estate development companies, most of which were formed in conjunction with development projects throughout Indiana since 1995. Currently, I own and develop real estate through my solely owned entity, Cleveland Properties, L.L.C., and in partnership and collaboration on particular projects with other individuals and companies.

I maintain a private law practice, concentrating in real estate matters, and also currently serve as Special Counsel - New Business Development for the YMCA of GREATER INDIANAPOLIS. These activities are described in more detail, below.

Real Estate Development.

I have participated as a principal in all phases of development work, including conceptual design, land acquisition, zoning and permitting, financing, land development (including 15 year law sewer system design permitting and construction), building design and construction, and leasing and management.