Paul S. Warshowsky

Paul S. Warshowsky

A respected family law, domestic relations and child custody law firm committed to meeting your legal needs

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For more than 30 years, the office of Paul S. Warshowsky has fought on behalf of families and children in Maryland.

Attorney Paul S. Warshowsky has a reputation for effective representation in federal, state and appellate courts throughout Maryland. He is also a court-appointed attorney to represent the best interests of children in family cases. He has earned a BV Distinguished Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a testament to his professionalism and ethics.

The law office of Paul S. Warshowsky can help with the following matters:
-Family law
-Domestic relations
-Child custody
-Child support
-Marital property distribution
-Premarital agreements
-Visitation rights
-Domestic violence

Personalized and attentive service at Maryland law firm:

No two cases are exactly alike, nor should they be treated the same. We meticulously analyze your case and develop unique solutions tailored to fit your individual needs and those of your family. Whatever you are dealing with, we provide you with legal guidance, negotiate on your behalf, help evaluate your assets, and prepare any settlements, agreements or contracts you may need. By approaching your case from different angles, we help ensure a livable resolution for you and your family.

We always give you clear advice and create a detailed plan for your legal matters. We answer your questions directly and precisely and keep you informed about the status of your case. Our goal is to bring you and your family peace of mind through personalized attention.

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Paul S. Warshowsky will represent your family legal matters.

Maryland Divorce Lawyer with 30 Years of Experience

The dissolution of a marriage involves crucial decisions about the welfare of your children and the equitable division of your assets. Attorney Paul S. Warshowsky considers all aspects of your divorce to reach the best possible solutions regarding:
-Child custody and visitation rights
-Child support
-The distribution of personal property, bank accounts, stocks and other assets
-The division of martial debts
-The sale or possession of the marital home
-Spousal support and temporary support

An effective divorce law mediator:
Mediation gives you and your spouse the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement in a structured setting through a trained facilitator. The mediation process fosters cooperation between partners and removes the unpredictability and uncertainty associated with litigation. Mediation often reduces the time and costs of divorce, and puts the decisions in your hands. Paul S. Warshowsky, an experienced negotiator can help you obtain an equitable divorce settlement, fair child support agreement and healthy child custody arrangement.

A skilled divorce litigator:
Sometimes litigation is necessary to reach a just and equitable resolution to your family's disputes. Skilled litigator Paul S. Warshowsky successfully represents clients throughout the adversarial litigation process by using tactical trial strategies and maintaining a professional courtroom presence. He is prepared to methodically handle the complex aspects of your divorce and obtain the most favorable trial outcome.

A Maryland Family Law Firm Experienced in Custody Cases

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues a parent faces during divorce. At the law office of Paul S. Warshowsky, we can protect your rights to raise your children in a healthy, thriving environment. For more than 30 years, attorney Paul S. Warshowsky has represented families in Ellicott City and throughout Maryland in all aspects of child custody and visitation, including:
-Primary and joint custody arrangements
-Visitation rights
-Grandparent visitation
-Modification of custody and visitation orders
-Enforcement of orders
-Juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings
-Decisions related to religion, education and upbringing of your children

Advantages of mediation:
Children are best served when parents establish a cordial relationship. Through the structured process of mediation, couples can often set aside hostility and agree on key points concerning their children. Mediation can be a highly effective tool for parents to preserve the stability and well-being of their children's lives during the turbulent process of divorce. The predictability of mediation can relieve the stress of child custody conflicts and puts important child-rearing decisions in the parents' hands, rather than in the court's power. Paul S. Warshowsky meticulously develops mediation strategies that carefully guide the negotiating process toward healthy resolution.

In support of litigation:
In some cases, litigation is necessary to protect your children's best interests. When a parent refuses to compromise or expresses hostility toward the other parent, negotiations fail. In some cases, a parent poses a danger to the children's well-being, rendering litigation the most appropriate forum for establishing parental rights. Through our methodical approach to litigation, parents can feel confident that their children are protected and their parental rights are secure.

Property Settlement Lawyer in Ellicott City, Maryland
Throughout the course of a divorce, the property you share with your spouse may come under scrutiny. In a property settlement in a divorce, the property interests must be identified, and a fair and practical disposition of the property must be accomplished. To ensure that you receive the portion of the property that you deserve, the assistance of an experienced and aggressive lawyer is required.

Family law attorney Paul S. Warshowsky is dedicated to protecting your rights and securing the property to which you are entitled. Our law firm can help you if your spouse is challenging any property agreements that you may have composed at the beginning of the marriage.

Dividing assets and debts under Maryland laws

Maryland is an equitable distribution state. This means the court distributes property acquired during the marriage to each spouse in a fair, but not necessarily equal, way. The judge determines how to divide the property. He or she may consider the length of the marriage, how the property was acquired and its value, and each spouse's occupation and economic circumstances. "Property" includes personal possessions, real property such as your home, and income.

Paul S. Warshowsky

Paul S. Warshowsky


Practice areas:
-Family law
-Child custody
-Child support
-Marital property distribution
-Premarital agreements
-Visitation rights
-Domestic violence

-1977, Maryland
-1979, District of Columbia and U.S. District Court, District of Maryland
-1983, U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit

Law school:
American University - Washington, D.C., J.D.

Memberships and associations:
Howard County Bar Association (Former Chairman)
Maryland State Bar Association (Member, Section on Family and Juvenile Law)

Biographical details :
Paul S. Warshowsky has practiced law in Maryland for more than 30 years. He co-authored "Family Law Primer," through the Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers, 1987. He is a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem, a child's advocate in court. He has earned a BV Distinguished Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a testament to his professionalism and ethics.


American University - Washington, D.C.
Juris Doctorate,