OFT Food Safety & Injury Lawyers

OFT Food Safety & Injury Lawyers

From farm to fork, OFT Food Safety & Injury Lawyers is committed to protecting public health.

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We all eat. We buy and share food with family and friends, and it forms part of our culture. Every time we eat, cook, or feed our children, we trust that our food supply is safe. Yet, no matter how careful we are as consumers, our food is far too often contaminated with colorless, odorless, and tasteless pathogens.

These pathogens can be deadly and disproportionately impact our society's most vulnerable populations children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems.

We formed OFT to help those injured by contaminated food get justice and to make our food safe. We focus on food because we know we can make a real difference to our clients and the safety of the food we all eat.

Choosing the right lawyer is a critical decision. At OFT, we believe that trust between client and lawyer is the cornerstone of success. Beyond honesty and trust, your lawyer should know how to handle cases like yours.

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