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Firm Overview

Murphy & Landon is a dedicated firm of trial attorneys. We have been on the front line of some of the biggest personal injury cases in Delaware, including a landmark $13 million verdict in a nursing home negligence case. We take on cases that other lawyers won't because of the level of difficulty involved or the size of the opponent.

Our multimillion-dollar victories in Bailey v. Beebe, Caldwell v. White and Rowlands v. Lai stand among the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Delaware history. Our $5 million recovery in Crowhorn v. Nationwide was the first successful consumer class action ever prosecuted against an auto insurer in this state.

What Makes Us Successful

Fundamentally, we're trial lawyers. Our attorneys have vast trial experience and proven results. Yet we know trial is not necessarily the best course of action for every case. Our reputation as strong trial lawyers gives us the ability to push for favorable settlements or fight for clients in the courtroom whichever is necessary for success.

Our experience trying cases comes from our background as defense lawyers. Over the years, we have handled high-end litigation in Delaware for major law firms, insurance companies and corporations across the United States. Our past client list includes familiar names like Chrysler Corp. and Lloyds of London. We use this well-rounded experience to the benefit of personal injury victims and insurance policyholders.

Our Team

Our legal team includes six attorneys with more than 110 years of legal experience. To learn more about their individual backgrounds, please follow the links below.

Francis J. Murphy
Roger D. Landon
Jonathan L. Parshall
Philip T. Edwards
Lauren A. Pisapia Cirrinicione
Kelley M. Huff
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Discuss your situation with an experienced injury lawyer by calling 302-472-8100 or sending us an email. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, our office is conveniently located near the intersections of Routes 141 and 48.

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Personal Injury

Wilmington Personal Injury Attorneys

Three Keys To Success In A Personal Injury Case

What makes a personal injury case successful? First, your choice of attorney has a big impact. At our firm, you can feel confident relying on our proven experience.

Second, your lawyer must be prepared to fight at trial even if your case ends up settling. Laying a strong foundation for trial gives you the best possible footing to negotiate a stellar settlement. At Murphy & Landon, our reputation as successful trial lawyers will give you a leg up.

Third, your attorney must understand how the other side often, an insurance company will approach the case. Our background as defense lawyers gives us an insider's view on your likely opponents.

Let Us Shoulder Your Legal Burdens

For survivors of serious accidents, the medical repercussions can be staggering. Trauma to the body's vital systems for example, head injuries or spinal cord damage may leave you with a completely different future than you envisioned. Both immediate treatment and long-term care may dominate your attention and finances.

We know how difficult it is to cope with the tragic aftermath of a serious injury or death of a loved one. We will do everything in our power to secure maximum compensation for you. By letting us shoulder the legal issues, you can focus on grieving, healing and recovery.

Get in touch with our legal team online or by phone at 302-482-4381. The initial consultation is free.