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Kevin Mottley founded The Mottley Law Firm to pursue his passion for aggressively advocating his clients' legal causes in Virginia state and federal courts. Whether your case involves a complex business dispute, a will, trust or estate dispute, or a traumatic brain injury or another serious injury claim, when you work with Kevin Mottley, you get the zealous representation, education, and resources necessary to help you sleep better, while knowing that someone is fighting to obtain the fair and reasonable compensation you deserve.

The Mottley Law Firm is a boutique civil trial firm. It is not a high-volume retail law firm. The firm is very selective in its case load.

If you are interested in having your matter evaluated by the firm, please call (804) 930-1022 to get the help you need from a Richmond trial lawyer.

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Personal Injury

Kevin W. Mottley

The Mottley Law Firm PLC

Kevin's Legal Career as a Defense Lawyer

Kevin began his legal career as a defense lawyer at a large corporate law firm in downtown Richmond. He represented large corporations in personal injury cases and business disputes. This experience was valuable for several reasons.

First, the partners liked Kevin's work. As a result, they gave him a large amount of freedom to handle cases for their corporate clients. This got Kevin in the courtroom very early in his career, where he handled cases against some of the best plaintiff's trial lawyers in Virginia.

Second, the demands of the cases forced Kevin to develop a hyper organized, analytical, and business-like approach to litigation. He began to see the value of methodically building his cases, brick-by-brick, into winners. He learned how, in litigation, mastering the intricate details of a case leads to success.

Third, Kevin saw the courtroom from the defendant's perspective. Because he represented corporate defendants, he developed an understanding of how large corporations, insurance companies, and in-house counsel evaluate and defend lawsuits, and he learned how they think about risk.

A Passion for Representing Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

It was while defending one of these lawsuits that Kevin first learned about traumatic brain injury ("TBI") and the devastating, hidden grip it can have on its victims. Representing traumatic brain injury survivors has since become Kevin's passion. Kevin wrote the book, Brain Case: The Big 5 Questions to Answer Before Filing Your Brain Injury Case, to help people understand how lawyers look at TBI cases. His focus on representing TBI victims has, thus far, resulted in over $12 million in verdicts and settlements for his clients in mild TBI cases.

For the trial lawyer, proving the injury requires a high degree of familiarity with the most current medicine surrounding Traumatic Brain Injury. It requires relationships with the best brain injury experts in the country. And it requires an approach to litigation that is disciplined and granular, meaning that the trial lawyer must immerse themselves in the most minute details about the client's life and relationships, both before and after the trauma, to understand the case. That is what energizes Kevin when representing TBI survivors. He loves learning his client's life story and then telling it to a jury.

Benjamin P. Kyber, Associate

The Mottley Law Firm PLC

Ben Kyber joined The Mottley Law Firm as an associate in 2014 after serving a one-year term as a Law Clerk for the Honorable Elizabeth A. McClanahan of the Supreme Court of Virginia. During his clerkship, Ben was exposed to a wide variety of issues in Virginia law and developed a strong working knowledge of Virginia's legal system.

Since joining The Mottley Law Firm, Ben has developed a broad-based litigation practice, representing businesses and individuals in complex business and commercial litigation, estate, trust, and other fiduciary disputes, and negligence claims brought on behalf of victims of traumatic brain and other serious injuries. In addition, Ben has continued to pursue his interest in appellate advocacy by taking a primary role in drafting appellate briefs filed in the Supreme Court of Virginia and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on behalf of both litigants and amicus curiae.