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At The Law Offices of Michael Berg our criminal attorneys understand the seriousness of criminal charges. If you are facing a misdemeanor, felony or federal charge we will fight for your rights. San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Berg focuses its practice upon matters relating to Criminal defense and DUI defense allegations in San Diego, California, in state and federal courts. We provide the very finest in attorney representation If you're in need of an attorney who specializes in criminal defense DUI And Federal law or if you're interested in clearing your record, you should not hesitate to consult with the best San Diego criminal defense lawyer Michael Berg as soon as possible.

California attorneys who are certified as specialists have taken and passed a written examination in their specialty field, demonstrated a high level of experience in the specialty field, fulfilled ongoing education requirements and been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with their work. Read More.

-Drunk Driving, DUI, DWI
-Internet Crimes
-White Collar Crimes
-3 Strikes Law
-Domestic or Violent Crimes
-Child Abuse
-Drug Crimes
-Sex Crimes
-Crime Involving Illegal Possession
-Federal Crimes

Confronting a criminal law matter can be extremely stressful and unsettling. In most cases, time can be of the essence. The decision as to whether or not to hire an attorney, and which attorney to hire, can be one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Don't let a wrong decision change your life. I have over 30 years of experience handling criminal cases and have the ability to aggressively defend you in any type of criminal proceeding. I have handled over 37 murder cases, some of which have garnered international attention, and I have the experience, skill and ability to successfully represent you.

The main reason my criminal defense practice has become so successful is the personal attention I devote to each client. When someone hires me, I am the attorney who will personally handle his or her case. I am the one that will deal with the prosecutors and judges on behalf of each of my clients. I make sure that my clients understand each step of the legal process and I stand beside them the entire time.

I believe it is not only my job to counsel each of my clients so that they understand the legal system, but it is also the way I have been practicing law my entire career. I grew up in South Dakota, the heartland of the Midwest, and was greatly influenced by my parents who taught me that a man's reputation is built over a lifetime and can be destroyed in a split second. This has not only been the backbone of my life, but also the foundation of my criminal defense practice. My practice is built on honesty, ethics and integrity.

I take great pride in the results I have achieved for my clients. My reputation as a criminal defense attorney is beyond reproach. I have worked diligently to build a stellar practice and strive to be sure each of my clients is completely satisfied with their representation. I would have it no other way.

I have been known as a "lawyer's lawyer," due to the fact that many of my colleagues not only consult with me, but also refer their criminal defense matters to me to handle. I have represented not only other lawyers facing legal troubles, but I have also represented judges and the wives and children of judges in their criminal cases. I am hired based on the professional and competent way in which I handle the cases.

By any objective measure, Michael S. Berg has reached the pinnacle of his profession. Recently named a "Super Lawyer" for the sixth consecutive year in San Diego, Michael Berg's courtroom skills and professional demeanor have garnered him the respect and admiration of clients, peers and judges throughout all of San Diego County. In order to be named a "Super Lawyer," an attorney must go through a rigorous selection process. Lawyers nominate other lawyers, and then these individuals are evaluated by a separate panel consisting of the top attorneys within each practice area. The panel considers such factors as an attorney's honors and awards, his or her experience, lectures and writings, education and employment background and any other outstanding achievements. In the end, only 5% of San Diego lawyers are selected for inclusion in the "Super Lawyers" list. Michael Berg is very proud to be among them. Read Attorney Michael S. Berg's "Super Lawyers" profile page.

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Criminal Defense


Being charged with or convicted of a felony can change your life overnight. Felonies are considered the most serious types of crimes. A standard definition of a felony is any crime punishable by more than one year in prison, or by death for a capital offense such as first-degree murder. Unlike misdemeanors, defendants convicted of felonies serve their sentences in a state or federal prison rather than a city or county jail.

The choice of a felony defense attorney is an important one given the punitive consequences of a felony conviction. Not only should your criminal defense lawyer be experienced in felony matters, but also knowledgeable of both state and federal laws and procedures.

A felony conviction will create a criminal record that follows you for life. You may lose certain rights, opportunities for employment, or even choices for housing. Examples of restrictions placed on someone with a felony conviction include:
-Cannot practice certain professions (teacher, lawyer, military service)
-Cannot serve on a jury
-May lose the right to vote
-May be prohibited from owning guns
-May be required to register as an offender (sex, narcotics)

California's "Three Strikes Law" mandates a sentence of 25 years-to-life for a third felony conviction. A second felony conviction alone can result in a significant increase to a prison sentence. Even nonviolent felonies such as theft may count as a "strike" offense. While judges have discretion when considering prior convictions for three strikes sentencing, almost 25 percent of inmates in California are currently facing a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Prosecutors also have discretion in counting certain crimes as "strikes" when they file a criminal complaint. Having a skilled, experienced felony criminal defense attorney can make a difference in how both a judge and a prosecutor exercise their discretion in terms of California's Three Strikes Law. You need an attorney who can present your case in the best possible light in front of those who hold your fate in their hands.

Michael Berg is a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney with 30 years of experience with felony cases, sound judgment, and the ability to mount an effective felony crimes defense for his clients. Should you find yourself or someone you know in need of a tough felony defense attorney, call the Law Offices of Michael Berg at (619) 239-2186 for a free consultation.

Michael Berg

Michael S. Berg

Michael S. Berg
California Certified Specialist in Criminal Law
Michael S. Berg handles a wide variety of criminal cases in state, federal, and juvenile courts.

Michael is a State Bar of California Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. His extensive experience over 30 years includes white collar crimes, drug crimes, money laundering and computer crimes, as well as over 37 homicide cases to date.

A graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, Michael is also a member of NACDL, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and the San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association.

Michael is also very active in civic affairs. He is the President of the Board of Directors for the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, serves on the advisory committee for San Diego's Pro Kids Junior Golf, and is the Handicap Chairman for the Torrey Pines
Municipal Golf Club.

Selected To:
-San Diego Super Lawyers 2013
-San Diego Super Lawyers 2012
-San Diego Super Lawyers 2011
-San Diego Super Lawyers 2010
-San Diego Super Lawyers 2009
-San Diego Super Lawyers 2008

Admitted: 1982, California

Special Licenses/Certifications:
-Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization

Gerissa H. Santos, Esq.

Michael S. Berg

LL.M. Federal Criminal Defense Trial Advocate

Gerissa H. Santos handles a wide variety of criminal cases in state, federal, and juvenile courts. Her practice has been 100% focused on criminal litigation, with experience in both criminal pro
secution and defense. Gerissa received her juris doctorate degree from California Western School of Law where she excelled in both academics and extra-curricular activities --- competing in multiple trial competitions, serving on the board of officers for various clubs and organizations, while maintaining her status on the Dean's Honors List.

She received her bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of California Riverside, graduating Cum Laude. After law school, Gerissa returned to California Western to pursue a legal masters in Federal Criminal Defense Trial Advocacy --- the only program in the nation solely focused on federal criminal defense practice. There, she received extensive training and experience in litigating some of the most serious federal cases, ranging from border related crimes, drug conspiracies, fraud, and cases involving multi-defendant wiretaps and RICO conspiracies.

Gerissa is highly involved in the community. In 2008, she teamed up with San Diego High School L.E.A.D.S. and established the "Peer Court Program" --- a peer mediation group dedicated to resolving conflict among students, their peers, and faculty. She is currently serving as a Board of Director for California Western's Alumni Association and is an active member of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Special Licenses/Certifications:
LL.M. in Federal Criminal Defense Trial Advocacy


California Western School of Law
Juris Doctorate,