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Empowering you on your journey toward legal resolution
Lynn W. Rhodes, P.A. empowers you with the information and advocacy you need to make the best possible decisions in your current legal and financial situation. When you schedule an initial consultation, our lawyer meets with you personally to evaluate your case and explain your options. Our firm remains focused on delivering:

Real answers. Direct access to the lawyer you hire to handle your case is a big part of what sets Lynn W. Rhodes, P.A. apart. Your case gets the benefit of careful thought and preparation through collaboration with an attorney with 12 years of litigation and transaction insight.

Clear vision. Lynn W. Rhodes is an attorney who understands and steadfastly pursues what's most important your family and your future. She is supportive of all your interests and remains focused on achieving the goals you set out for yourself during client consultations.

Mutual respect. Our firm embraces attorney-client collaboration as an ethical responsibility and a legal imperative. We believe that the key to legal success lies in making sure that all relevant information is mutually available and readily accessible.

In the media:
02.17.10 - Under Facts: County Commission - Polk County Commission appoints Lynn Rhodes as hearing officer for vicious dog complaints

Reported decisions:
In the Interest of R.K., 38 So.3d 859 (2010)
In the Interest of R.K, Case No. 2D09-5522, 2010

Scope of practice:
Divorce and Family Law
Same-Sex Couple Representation
Elder Law
Criminal Defense
Will Preparation
Advance Directives
Healthcare Surrogates
Pre-Need Guardians
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When a conflict simply cannot be resolved without legal intervention, you need a lawyer to explain your rights and fight for your interests. Lynn W. Rhodes is an experienced and trial-ready attorney, bringing more than 12 years of settlement and trial experience to the practice of law. Her goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective path toward conflict resolution. Call 863.578.5120 or contact us online to find out if your issue is one that can be solved through legal channels.

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Bartow, Florida Civil Trial and Criminal Lawyer: A personal approach for when it matters most

Lynn W. Rhodes, P.A. delivers practical legal advice to businesses and individuals experiencing personal and professional difficulties. Our firm is focused on helping clients understand the scope of their legal rights and implementing legal plans that produce outcomes that are favorable for the client over the long term. Our scope of practice encompasses:
-Family Law
-Same Gender Couples Issues
-Will and Advance Directives
-Criminal Defense

Family law. Even what seems like it should be a simple separation becomes much more complicated when children or assets are involved. The right attorney can help you create a parenting plan or equitable division agreement that stands the test of time. By talking you through common contingencies, such as job loss or relocation, our attorney can help you create a robust child custody, child support or settlement agreement that may help you avoid the cost of future litigation.

Same Gender Couples Issues. Since Florida has not yet adopted laws recognizing civil unions, lawyers have had to be creative to effectuate the interests of same-sex couples seeking to adopt, purchase real estate or transfer assets on death. Our firm offers comprehensive legal services to help you enact your legal wishes in a variety of personal situations.

Guardianship. When a loved one is exhibiting symptoms of incapacity such as forgetfulness or paranoia, a family member may petition the court to intervene and appoint a guardian to act as a proxy for the person and the estate. A judge is then authorized to decide whether to appoint a guardian to take care of the loved one's best interests. Our attorney can advocate for you in this situation in a court of law.


Will and Advance Directives. A legal will outlines your personal preferences in the event of death or incapacity. Our attorney delivers comprehensive legal representation on a range of legal instruments to specify your personal preferences at death or incapacity, including but not limited to healthcare surrogacy, pre-need guardian and living will applications.

Criminal Defense. Facing criminal charges could expose you to penalties beyond fines and a prison term. A conviction could lead to a loss of employment prospects, higher insurance premiums and potential public stigma as an ex-con. Our attorney is proud to have served as an Assistant Public Defender and proudly represents criminal defendants accused of felony and misdemeanor charges ranging from juvenile delinquency to drug possession.

Bankruptcy. If you are behind on your payments and are being harassed by your creditors, it is time to talk to a lawyer about Bankruptcy. In most cases, you will get to keep your property while eliminating substantial amounts of your unsecured debt. A bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh start and a clean slate from which to rebuild credit.

Lynn Rhodes

Lynn W. Rhodes, P.A

Lynn W. Rhodes entered law school at the age of 49 after raising two sons and putting them through college. By this time, she had worked and traveled the world living in ten states and traveling abroad. She had served as a pastoral minister and youth minister in Virginia, worked as a long-distance telephone operator, ran a cattle ranch in Minnesota, served as a payroll supervisor at a community hospital and worked in the accounting department of a major electronics firm. Before she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1992 and went to law school in 1995, she had been married and divorced, and had lived in the Washington DC area, including Virginia and Maryland, as well as Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, California, Nevada and Oregon.
Since she had lived through many of the recent cases in law school, Lynn could relate to the issues presented and feels compelled to give the law meaning to everyday people. In a lot of cases, clients try to put logical meaning into the words of the law. The truth is that the words become part of a new language in a legal context. Lawyers serve as translators who can help you make sense of these legal meanings. Lynn's scope of representation includes:
-Representing divorced and unmarried parents in custody, visitation and child support matters
-Helping parents who have been deprived of their children to develop court-ordered case plans
-Obtaining injunctions or protective orders for victims of domestic violence
-Developing elder care plans through will preparation and estate planning
-Defending clients against felony drug charges

As an attorney with 12 years of trial experience, Lynn takes the time to define the terms, parameters and issues to be presented in a court of law. Her goal is to make sure that clients have a basic understanding of what's going to happen. The outcome can never be guaranteed but it can be controlled. For example, if you negotiate a settlement agreement outside of court, you have control over the outcome. However, once you get into court, you've lost control of the situation and the judge has the power to decide the ultimate outcome.
As a member of American MENSA, Lynn feels her natural curiosity helps her in her chosen career. As an attorney with an inquiring mind, she sees matters from a unique perspective. Her credentials include:

Bar admissions
1999, Florida
2004, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida

B.A. in Theology, cum laude, Trinity College, Washington, D.C., 1992
J.D., St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, FL, 1998

The Florida Bar

In the interest of R.K., C.K. and R.K., Jr., children R.K. v. Department of Children and Family Services and Guardian ad Litem, 35 Fla. L. Weekly, D1397 (Fla. July 2, 2010).