The Livingston Law Firm, P.C.

The Livingston Law Firm, P.C.

Gerald W. Livingston has extensive experience in the representation of claims and trial of civil cases

Firm Overview

Mr. Livingston began his legal career as an associate attorney with Bean, Francis, Ford, Frances and Wills in Dallas, Texas, where he was privileged to learn personal injury claims and litigation practice on behalf of individuals from some of the best trail lawyers in the area. After a few years he and three others formed the firm of Ford, Livingston & Needham, in Dallas, Texas, then in in 1981 when, he as President formed Livingston & Hundley, a Professional Corporation ultimately leading to the foundation of The Livingston Law Firm, P.C. in Dallas, Texas.

Gerald W. Livingston is a native of Texas, reared in New Mexico, but replanted to Dallas. After finishing public school, he voluntarily joined the United States Army where he saw service in this country and in Italy. After Honorable Discharge, he returned to Dallas to continue his education and pursued the study of law. He obtained an undergraduate Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Science at Southern Methodist University and a graduate law degree from the Law School at Southern Methodist University. He was licensed by the State of Texas to practice law in 1967.

In addition to being a Trial Lawyer, he is a qualified Mediator in all but Domestic Relations Cases. Because of his long experience in the field of personal injury claims and litigation, he serves as a mediator by private selection and court appointment.

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