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Is your firm willing to help a client with one discrete part of a case, without taking on the whole case?

Not applicable to Criminal Law Cases.

What are your policies about dividing work within the firm to make the process most cost-effective for the client?

We divide work between members of our defense team so that the client is best represented in every situation.

How frequently does your firm use mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law to resolve cases?

Not applicable to Criminal Law Cases.

Does your firm provide pro bono legal services or otherwise participate in your community?

Not applicable to Criminal Law Cases.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Our practice is unlike almost any other in Michigan. We are dedicated to the passionate, zealous and fearless representation of those charged with or accused of committing criminal offenses in Michigan. We use a true team approach. We are well respected by judges and prosecutors throughout Michigan and because we are a credible threat to the government's case, we are often able to achieve results that are not available to other lawyers.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

It is critical that the client have a firm and clear understanding of the nature of the allegations, the strengths of any defenses and the strength of the prosecution's evidence so that informed, well reasoned and important decisions can be made in a meaningful way.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Yes. Being familiar with the client's evidence is critical to effective representation.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Not applicable to Criminal Law Cases.

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Lewis & Dickstein, PLLC


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