Law Offices of Robert M. Kesten, PA

Law Offices of Robert M. Kesten, PA


Firm Overview

I have been an attorney for a number of years and have found the practice of law very interesting and rewarding. Recently, after several years of working for other attorneys or being a partner and having opened my own law office in Boynton Beach. I decided to become of Counsel with a form in Palm Beach and to maintain my Boynton Beach office as well. As part of this change I have reached out to my clients, my business associates, and my friends by writing a blog to share my knowledge and experiences as a solo practitioner.

In this age of Blogging and Social Networking, I feel it is very important for me to blog about the various legal issues and business situations I deal with as an attorney.

I hope you find the blogs informational and interesting. If you have any comments or questions, please fill out your contact information on my contact us page or call me at 561-739-7938.

Robert M. Kesten is an attorney with offices in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach, Florida. He has been practicing law for over 23 years the last 10 years in Palm Beach County. He is admitted to the Florida and New York Bars.

Mr. Kesten is known for the high quality legal representation he provides to clients throughout the South Florida area. As a former sitting judge Mr. Kesten's judicial experience is now used for the benefit of his clients, giving them the unique insight as to how a judge might think.

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Office Information

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions

We offer assistance for the following real estate transactions:

Commercial/residential closings
Managing a real estate closing involves a comprehensive sequence of actions:
Examination of chain of title
Survey for property defects
Clearing the title
Escrow agreement
Loan, mortgage, and other financing documents
Purchase and sale agreement
Title transfer (seller to buyer)
Proper legal filings with county
Real estate tax and trust documents
Commercial/residential financing
Managing a real estate closing involves a comprehensive sequence of actions:
Mortgage agreement
Loan agreement
Like-kind exchange
Non-traditional financing
Title insurance
We handle actions needed to clear the title to your property along with being an agent for Attorney's Title Insurance and providing our clients with escrow, closing and title services for your real estate transaction:
Search chain of titles
Quiet title actions
Probate matters
Easement issues
All types of title defects
Contract review and negotiation
We review and work diligently to draft contracts that are in your best interests. We consider and provide the following contract assistance:
Clear-cut agreements
Clarification of basic issues
Explanation of contract terms
Explanation of contract's legal consequences
Options after signing the contract
Negotiation of contract terms and provisions
Addition of terms to protect your rights
Elimination of provisions that create liability

Real estate litigation
Skilled in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, we tailor our representation to suit your needs. We understand that litigation can be costly and seek to negotiate or resolve real estate disputes out of court whenever possible. However, if litigation is necessary to obtain a favorable outcome or simply to protect your interests, we do not hesitate to take your case to trial. We represent clients in real estate litigation that involves:
Contract disputes
Builder disputes
Escrow disputes
Landlord/tenant disputes
Quiet title actions
Mechanics' liens
Trust deeds
Promissory notes
Real estate broker negligence
Breach of fiduciary duty
Boundary disputes
Neighbor disputes
Deposit disputes
Real Estate Recovery Fund
Rising debt and payment defaults are forcing many individual and institutional lenders to resort to foreclosure. Robert M. Kesten, P.A. represents individuals in lien or mortgage foreclosure actions, and we can evaluate and determine the best way to proceed. We handle all the necessary legal steps from filing for judgment foreclosure to selling property and delivering proceeds.

Why do you need a real estate attorney?
While a real estate agent or broker may be very helpful in locating an attractive piece of property, the legal aspects of the transaction are best handled by a real estate attorney. Real estate agents and brokers are committed to making the sale and collecting commissions, but may not have discovered that the chain of title is defective. They may not be concerned with whether the language of the purchase or sale agreement creates a liability for you.

Robert Kesten

Law Offices of Robert M. Kesten, PA

Practice Areas
Real Estate Law
Business Law
Family Law
Trusts and Estates
Civil Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Corporate Law
General Practice
Real Estate
Real Estate Land Development
Real Property
Probate Law
Trust Law

Residential Real Estate
Landlord and Tenant Law
Homeowners Association Law
Commercial Law

Admitted: 1990, New York; 2003, Florida

Law School: Brooklyn Law School, J.D.

Member: The Florida Bar; New York State Bar Association.

Biography: Robert M. Kesten, Esq. was born and raised in Monticello, New York and graduated Monticello High School. He graduated the Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Brooklyn Law School with a Juris Doctor Degree. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1990 and the Florida Bar in 2003. Prior to moving to Palm Beach County, Florida, Robert practiced in Sullivan County, New York for 13 years. He had his own practice there as well as serving as a Managing Attorney of one of four offices for a large local firm, where he handled all of the real estate matters coming into the firm. In addition to managing his own practice, Robert sat a Village Justice for the Village of Monticello, from his initial election in March of 1994 through November of 2001 when he moved to Florida. Experience: Village Justice, 1994-2001; County Attorney prosecuting child abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquent cases along with representing the Department of Social Services for Sullivan County New York; Managing Attorney for Sullivan County office of a 4 office law firm with offices in Orange County, Sullivan County and New York City; Private practice handling all areas of law in New York; In-House General Counsel for Investments Limited, one of the largest landowners in South Palm Beach County; Managing Partner of Morris and Kesten LLP handling Real Estate and transactional matters and some litigation matters. Partner in the international law firm Adorno & Yoss the largest certified minority-owned firm in the United States. President, Temple Shaarei Shalom, Boynton Beach. Board Chair, South Tech Charter High School.