Law Offices of Danny M. Howell, PLLC

Law Offices of Danny M. Howell, PLLC

A Modern Approach to Serving Clients: Focus on the Work, Not the Frills.

Firm Overview

As law firms merge themselves into impersonal behemoths, with spiraling overhead, stifling bureaucracy, and skyrocketing rates, many clients are demanding an alternative that can deliver quality representation and personal attention to their needs, while charging them only for the value they receive.

We are a small practice of seasoned professionals, whose experience with traditional brick and mortar firms has led us to practice law in a different way, with a structure that allows us to minimize costs and emphasize client service. Our model increases client value by omitting the bureaucratic internal activities unrelated to legal work and allows us to expand or contract our staff and facilities according to our clients' needs.

Main Office

Main Office
2010 Corporate Ridge Road Suite 700
McLean, VA 22102


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