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Telecommunications Lawyer
As users of communications services, individuals and businesses should be informed of legislation, laws, regulations, governmental proceedings and court decisions to understand the impact of these actions on social, cultural and economic activities in our 21st century society. Informed decision-making by consumers, public sector authorities and private entities can lead to addressing under-served societal needs, the formation of collaborative ventures, and to the promotion of public private partnerships. The Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C. possesses both knowledge and experience to provide expert legal advice to clients in matters related to the following practice areas:

Telecom Media & Technology law
Commercial law
Administrative law
Delivering innovative solutions
Laurel G. Yancey has over 30 years of legal expertise in domestic and international telecommunications law, policy and trade, beginning at the Federal Communications Commission, and continuing in private practice. The law firm represents entrepreneurs, for-profit and non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and foreign parties. Entities, from start-up through expansion phases, requiring assistance with on-line digital media, electronic commerce, broadband and wireless communications, rely on the firm to provide innovative solutions. The firm handles both transactions and commercial arbitration.

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The telecommunications industry is experiencing increasing demand for mobile services, digital media, and broadband infrastructure deployment, as the federal government is reassessing its regulatory policy to align with the communications marketplace. Service providers, network operators, business organizations, communications service end-users, private equity firms and investment banks require expert legal counsel and advice to remain current with regulatory compliance requirements, and informed of the impact of technological innovations on industry practices. The Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C. provides sound legal advice, based upon federal and international regulatory experience, fact-based, analytical research, reasoned decisions, and industry relationship building, for over 30 years. The law firm is available to assist clients in telecom, media and technology law, and business related matters, including:

Industry transactions
Regulatory compliance
Tech policy advocacy
Expert Advisory Services
Commercial Arbitration
Innovative solutions for service providers
Telecommunications service providers and network operators face various challenges when extending the reach of their business operations. Hurdles can range from state issues with franchise agreements and cell tower siting to international matters requiring knowledge of compliance with foreign regulations. A company seeking consensus with local authorities or expansion into new information-based opportunities requires legal counsel with both depth in legal experience, and breadth in knowledge of industry practices to respond effectively to the spectrum of telecom-related matters. The Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C. works collaboratively with clients to remove impediments to a company's growth.

Essential protections for content providers
If you are an entrepreneur, start-up or a content provider using the Internet to deliver your product or service to the electronic commerce market, you want assurance that you are receiving up-to-date legal services. The Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C. has experience advising business clients on new media law, and its application in establishing a web-based business.

Clarity for end users
Telecommunications services span diverse offerings, from digital media to data information, much of which contains enriched content. Service contracts, and Terms and Conditions of Use Agreements are lengthy documents, laden with industry terminology, corporate policies, fees, and, increasingly, only available on-line, with click-through acceptance. Businesses, end users, consumers, and municipal authorities require, at crucial times, the counsel of telecommunications attorneys to interpret, review and/or negotiate contractual agreements. Competent legal counsel should ensure that its clients are beneficiaries of favorable terms, and receive both the type and level of services needed by their enterprises and projects. Clients should also know of information on discounted services funded through state or federal agency grant programs for which they may be eligible to apply. Citizens must rely on federal and state agency regulation of public safety and emergency management personnel to ensure access to emergency alert communications, e911 services, and notification of evacuation plans, especially persons with disability. Whether it pertains to transactions, grant programs, and public safety, the Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C. has the resources to address a variety of telecommunications matters.

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Laurel Yancey

Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C.

Practice areas

Administrative law
Commercial law

Georgia, 1994
U.S. Supreme Court, 1990
District of Columbia, 1984
Massachusetts, 1979

Boston College Law School, Boston, Massachusetts, Juris Doctorate
Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts, Bachelor of Arts

State Bar of Georgia
District of Columbia Bar
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bar
Technology Association of Georgia
Online Media Law Network, @ Harvard's Berkman Center
Peer Reviewer, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program and Broadband Initiatives Program, Round One Applications
National Roster of Neutrals, Commercial, and Customer Account Panels of the American Arbitration Association
Gerson Lehrman Group Councils 2010
Council Member
Coleman Research Group 2010
Executive Forum
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 1992 1993
South African American Business Association
Board Member, 2001 2003
American Women in Radio and Television, Inc., 1990 1998
Atlanta, Georgia Chapter, 1993 1998
Board Member, Washington, D.C. Chapter, 1992 1993
Chair, Ester Van Wagoner Tufty Award
AWRT, Inc. Washington, D.C. chapter, 1992
Professional Experience

Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C., Atlanta, Georgia, February 1997 Present
Managing Partner
Center for Advanced Communications Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, October 2006 September 2009
Chief Policy Officer
Thomas & McDonald, Atlanta, Georgia, October 1993 June 1994
Of Counsel
U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C., December 1978 - March 1993
Commentator, Telecommunication and Media Regulation in Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, American Bar Association Central and East European Law Initiative

"Profiles of African Telecommunications Markets," U.S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Services, Springfield, Virginia, Order Number PB93154623, February 1993
"Telecommunications in Africa" and "Telecommunications in the Asia Pacific Region," Federal Communications Bar Association, International Communications Practice Handbook, November 1993
"Policy, Technology, Accessibility and the Emergency Alert System", Information Technology White Paper, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) website, October 8, 2007
Commentary on draft Law on Mass Media of Kyrgyzstan (for American Bar Association Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI)): June 1996. Published and disseminated by CEELI as a co-authored work, Analysis of Draft Law on Mass Media for the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, in July 1996. Also published as: David E. Flint, Peter Krug, Laurel G. Yancey, Analiz proekta zakona 11 kyrgyzskoi respubliki o sredstvakh massovoi informatsii [Analysis of the draft law on mass media of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan], ZIP, Issue 28, December, 1996, pp. 6-11 [translated into Russian by the editors].

International Who's Who of Professionals, since 1995
The World's Who's Who of Women, since 1989
Who's Who of American Women, since 1984
Outstanding Young Women of America, 1980
Certificate of Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, Peer Reviewer, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, January 4, 2010
World's Who's Who 2011-2012

American Women in Radio and Television, Inc. Service Commendation Award, September 1991
U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Performance Award, August 23, 1988
U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Community Service Award, 1979

U.S. Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Certificate Of Clearance For Sensitive Position, Non-critical, Clearance Granted to Secret, February 18, 1992