The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker P.C.

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker P.C.

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A former client said it best:

From the first time I met Kimberly, I was struck by her intelligence, poise, confidence, knowledge, and ability. It's now two years later, and I have found that I was only wrong in underestimating exactly how great she was.

This lawyer can certainly move mountains for you and her name alone carries an incredible amount of clout with the DAs office (as it should, since she was both a judge and a district attorney herself). I hired Kimberly when I was arrested for 5 drug possession felonies (two of which were schedule 1 with a 5 year minimum in state prison). She was able to plead me down to 6 months on first time offender probation that will have everything down to the arrest expunged after the completion of the term (and of course I will hire her again for that). Kimberly legitimately saved me when I was at the lowest point of my life and gave me another chance to completely start over by giving me a miracle outcome when I had reason to expect the worst. If there is a way out of your troubles, rest assured that she will find it.

Kimberly has a paperweight on her desk that says "A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge." I found out that she is definitely the latter type; the respect that she commands in the court room and the halls of the courthouse is palpable. Judges, District Attorneys, and fellow defense attorneys all greet Kimberly with a great deal of reverence and clearly respect her as both an adversary and a colleague. If the paperwork I signed with my incredible plea deal wasn't enough to convince me that I had hired the right lawyer, the number of prosecutors that were on very friendly terms with her would have done it for me.

Kimberly puts the utmost pride in her work and truly doesn't want you to be the "franchise client" that keeps coming back and paying her. She actually wants you to move on to better things in your life. She can simply get you out of trouble, or she can change your life and get you headed in the right direction. The choice is yours to make. I was so enamored by her ability and professionalism that I decided that I would be going to law school after I graduate to follow in her footsteps.

I can say with utmost confidence that if KGT is your lawyer, the outcome you get on your case will be the absolute best scenario that could have happened for you. She will leave no stone unturned and will fight your case until hell freezes over, and then she will fight on the ice.


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I wrote the book on DWI Defense in Texas.

My is simple - work hard for my clients and do all I can to help them get their lives back the way they were BEFORE being arrested.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I can help you fight your charges. Please take a moment to read what my former clients & said about me & you will KNOW that I will do my best to help you too.

So call me now! 214-445-6336

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

I wrote the book on DWI defense in Texas.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I am extremely responsive to my emails & messages. You will always be able to speak to me - not an assistant or associate.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

It is my responsibility to be sure my client's understand every aspect of their case so that they are educated enough to decide on the outcome that is best for them in the short run & in the long run for them.

Kimberly Tucker

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker P.C.

Kimberly Griffin Tucker graduated top of her class from from the University of Texas, summa cum laude. She then attended Southern Methodist University's School of Law, where she was honored at graduation with prestigious, Order of the Barristers.

After prosecuting in Grayson and Denton County and presiding as a municipal court judge, she opened her own law practice. Since 1999, Kimberly has successfully defended many cases, including numerous DWI trials. She attributes her success to the many DWI training programs and classes she has attended.

Kimberly's philosophy is simple - work hard for your clients and do all you can to help them get their lives back the way they were BEFORE being arrested. This mindset is why she is so successful and has so many satisfied clients.