Glenn Smith Valdez, New Mexico's Traffic Ticket Attorney

Glenn Smith Valdez, New Mexico's Traffic Ticket Attorney

Glenn Smith Valdez is New Mexico's Traffic Ticket Attorney and he and his team are here to help you with your traffic law issues throughout the State of New Mexico. If you have a Traffic issue in New Mexico, Call 505 877-8787 today.

Firm Overview

Glenn Smith Valdez is the only New Mexico Attorney whose practice is dedicated to representing drivers in Traffic related cases. We do traffic cases and we do them well.

Our traffic clients have similar goals, and we have years of experience that help us accomplish those goals. Mr. Valdez and his team work hard to make things convenient for our clients. When you call the Our team at 505.877.8787 you will speak with one of our trained legal professionals who will complete an intake with you. The intake creates a concise picture of all the pertinent facts, including citation information, court assignment, and client goals and objectives. After your intake, your case will be reviewed by traffic attorney Glenn Valdez, and you will be contacted and given pricing, payment options, and a forecast of likely outcomes.

We pride ourselves on great results and great service. We keep our clients informed of the profess of their case every step of the way, and make sure that we do everything possible to meet their goals, keep their driving records clean and their insurance rates low.

The team at Valdez Law Office is ready to get to work on your New Mexico Traffic issue immediately. But we also invite you to compare our service, results and reviews with any other law firm in the state. We are confident that if you compare, you will make the best possible choice - The team with experience, drive and a proven track record.

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

As one of New Mexico's top criminal defense lawyers, Glenn Smith Valdez was often contacted by people facing traffic tickets and driving related cases. For many years he referred these drivers to other lawyers or gave them quick advice on handling their New Mexico Traffic tickets themselves. About ten years ago, Glenn was contacted by a commercial driver who desperately wanted his help dealing with a traffic ticket which threatened the driver's license and livelihood. Speaking with him, Glenn became convinced that many drivers need experienced, aggressive and trustworthy representation for what to some might seem like minor cases, but to the CDL drivers were the difference between a good paying living and unemployment. Mr. Valdez took on the case and was able to secure a dismissal of the ticket. Glenn soon found himself representing professional drivers statewide. His years of experience - knowing court procedures, trial tactics, negotiation tools and how to win, paid off for his clients resulting in hundreds of dismissals and reduced charges for others.

In the years since, Glenn has transitioned to almost exclusively representing traffic clientele. While he will still take on the occasional felony case; the bulk of his work is representing commercial drivers, out-of-state drivers and local drivers in New Mexico traffic courts statewide. He enjoys the work, loves the clients and has developed a reputation with the courts and police officers he deals with. Most importantly, he recognizes that whenever a client hires him, they benefit from knowing that their case is taken seriously, that their questions are answered, and that the best results are achieved by hard work and experience.

The philosophy of Glenn's office is summed up in their slogan: Don;t Worry, We're On It. When you put Glenn and his team to work on your case, you can rest assured that a great result is as important to them as it is to you; that Glenn and his team will put their experience, knowledge of the law and tenacity to work for you. If you want to know what their clients think of them simply read a few of this reviews here:

In the end, the decision to hire a lawyer is an important one. when you decide that you need a lawyer, a little research will show you that Glenn is the lawyer you want in your corner.

Glenn Valdez

Glenn Smith Valdez, New Mexico's Traffic Ticket Attorney

Glenn Valdez

Glenn Smith Valdez, New Mexico's Traffic Ticket Attorney