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NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS T0P 100 TRIAL ATTORNEYS NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS TOP 40 UNDER 40 Dod has handled over 6,500 cases, been the lead attorney in over 75 jury trials and been the lead attorney in approximately 300 preliminary hearings. He has handled many high-profile media cases but now spends the majority of his practice fighting for his DUI clients. He has obtained wonderful results on many DUI cases.

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Aggressive DUI representation all over Southern California. Dod will personally handle your DUI and DMV hearing. YOU ONLY HAVE 10 DAYS FROM YOUR DUI ARREST TO CONTACT THE DMV AND PRESERVE YOUR LICENSE.


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I am very sorry that you were arrested for a DUI. You have endured one of the most humiliating experienced in your life. I understand and want to help. My name is M. Dod Ghassemkhani, and I am an attorney with over 10 years of DUI experience. I have handled every type of DUI case and done numerous DUI jury trials, some involving severe injuries and even death. I have handled extremely high profile media cases, involving persons being critically injured or even killed. I will give your case the same special attention I have given to thousands of other persons I have represented. I will handle your case personally, so you will benefit from all my years of knowledge and experience. I attended Santa Clara University and graduated in 1998. I then attended University of San Diego School of Law and graduated in 2003. You are at a crossroads in your life, and the choices that you make now may have lifelong consequences. The facts of each case are different, and the laws are constantly changing. What happened with a friend's DUI several months ago may not apply to you at all. The facts of your case need my personal and professional attention. In these especially difficult economic times, we all are especially cost conscious. My fees are far less than other attorneys who have much less experience and knowledge. In addition to my very affordable fees, I can also help you avoid or reduce DUI costs such as court fines, DUI classes, the installation of vehicle interlock devices (breath machines installed in your vehicles at your expense) and insurance. Please, time is of the essence. Your driving privileges and liberty are priceless, so you must act quickly. You must take steps within 10 days of a DUI to preserve your license. I am known in the criminal justice community for being absolutely dedicated to the cause of justice for those accused of a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony. I have fought with every fiber of my soul to defend my clients against unfair charges. This is what makes me a different breed of a DUI defense attorney, and this is why I get the results that I do for my clients. Most importantly, this is why you owe to yourself to consult with me about your case. It is my job to worry about your case so you can rest at night.

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Mr. Ghassemkhani can be best described as a---FIGHTER. Known for his passion and tenacious litigation skills, Mr. Ghassemkhani has the results to prove it. Mr. Ghassemkhani has handled over 6,000 criminal cases and has extensive trial experience. He has done numerous DUI jury trials including serious felony DUI trials with gross bodily injury. He has also handled numerous DUI preliminary hearings and suppression motions and handled serious DUI cases resulting in death. Mr. Ghassemkhani has been the lead attorney in over 70 jury trials. He has handled several high profile media cases including a "HUFFING DUI" that resulted in death and great bodily injury on multiple victims. During his many years of practice he has obtained several NOT GUILTY verdicts and Dismissals on DUI cases including DUIs with reckless driving, DUI with a BAC of .20 and DUI with bodily injury. Mr. Ghassemkhani spends the majority of his practice fighting for his DUI clients in court and with the DMV. He is also a member of the National College of DUI Defense. Members of this College represent the most experienced DUI defense attorneys in the country. When a person needs a lawyer, it's a serious matter. It is important to hire someone with proven results that will aggressively fight for you to preserve your constitutional rights. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS THIS GUY IS AWESOME Mr. G is aggressive, intelligent, and passionate. He always gets back to me and always seems ready to fight. .15 DUI WITH PRIORS FELONY/ MY CHILD IN CAR/ MY LICENSE SUSPENDED Thank you thank you thank you. HIGHLY HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE. DUI WITH INJURY AND HIT AND RUN I'm in the process of getting my life together and wanted to thank Ghassemkhani. UNBELIEVABLE!! Ghassemkhani saved my life We went to trial. I was so nervous I didn't sleep for 2 weeks. HUNG JURY!! He then wrote some papers and got my case dismissed. DISMISSAL!!!! I was very lucky he was on my side. CLIENT I had made a bad judgement call and could have spent 3 to 5 years in prison,thank god he believed in me, did his job beyond the call of duty Best Attorney I've Ever Known We were so incredibly fortunate to work with Mr. Ghassemkhani!!!! He is extremely knowledgeable, effective, reliable and continues to fight extensively for us!!!!! Brilliant, entirely professional yet sensitive to our needs. Dod, you're the Man (and I mean that in a good way)

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CASE RESULTS People v. M.W DUI WITH MULTIPLE PRIORS, .32 BAC, GROSS BODILY INJURY NOT GUILTY ON THE GROSS BODILY INJURY ALLEGATION The client had 4 prior DUIS and ran a stop sign, smashed into a car with a little boy, and injured the driver. Client then ran from the police and was apprehended a short time later. His BAC was a .32. The District Attorney charged him with a GBI allegation claiming the driver of the other vehicle was Unconscious. Client was looking at a strike and significant prison time. Mr. Ghassemkhani took this case to a jury trial and obtained a Not Guilty verdict on the GBI allegation. Client does not have strike on his record. People v. C.E FELONY DUI Felony DUI Reduced to Misdemeanor Client was charged with a Felony Dui because he had 3 prior DUIs. Mr. Ghassemkhani was able to convince the District Attorney to make this case a misdemeanor. Client does not have a felony DUI on his record. People v. J.T DUI After Jury Trial, client gets a Reckless Driving reduction Client was driving with a BAC of .10 and speeding on the freeway. Mr. Ghassemkhani took this case to trial and hung the jury. The City Attorney gave up and gave Mr. Ghassemkhani's client a non-alcohol related reckless driving reduction. Client did not have to do any programs and does not have a DUI on his record. People v. R.A DUI and RECKLESS DRIVING Not Guilty Client was speeding going 90mph on his motorcycle with a .08 BAC. Upon being pulled over by police he was very uncooperative. Because of the reckless driving he was looking at mandatory custody. The City Attorney would not accept any plea bargain. Mr. Ghassemkhani took this case to jury trial. NOT GUILTY!! People v. B.H DUI on drugs and Under the influence of a controlled Substance DISMISSED!! Client was pulled over, give a series of tests, and arrested for DUI on drugs. After receiving toxicology reports Mr. Ghassemkhani hired drug experts to review the case. He then presented this to the City Attorney. CASE DISMISSED!! People v. A.C VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER WITH ALCOHOL Work Furlough Client had a prior DUI and could not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in his system. He decided to drink and get into his truck. He then came to a rolling stop at a stop sign, struck and killed an 81 year old woman. Mr. Ghassemkhani settled this case for a misdemeanor and 180 days work furlough. People v. G.D DUI .20 BAC HUNG JURY- CASE DISMISSED Client was speeding through residential streets and pulled into a shopping center, parked his car and got out of the vehicle. He was apprehended by police and it was determined he had a .20 BAC. Mr. Ghassemkhani put the police officer on trial claiming the officer lied about observing client driving and getting out of the car. He presented the "timeline defense" showing the jury it was impossible the Officer was telling the truth. HUNG JURY CASE DISMISSED!! People v. J.G Vehicle Theft and Driving Under the Influence HUNG JURY- CASE REDUCED FROM FELONY TO MISDEMEANOR Client had an extensive criminal history, was involved in a car collision with a .25 BAC. The District Attorney charged him with vehicle theft and DUI. Mr. Ghassemkhani took this case to jury trial. HUNG JURY- REDUCED MISDEMEANOR People v. C.F PC245 Assault with a Deadly Weapon and GBI (Stabbbing) Client was in nursing school studying to become a nurse. He was down in SD from LA for a birthday party and they went to a Club in the Gaslamp. He and his friends were drinking and having fun. When they left the club they were all intoxicated. Client was with 5 of his friends and was being antagonized by a completely sober man. A fight broke out. Client and his 5 friends against this one man. Client stabbed the man. Mr. Ghassemkhani would not let the District Attorney force his client into pleading guilty. His nursing career was on the line. Mr. Ghassemkhani spent a year investigating the case, took this case to jury trial. NOT GUILTY!! Client is now a nurse. (These case results are not a guarantee or prediction of your case. Each case is different and the facts must be evaluated independently.)

Dod Ghassemkhani



Bar Number: 231180
California, 2004


Santa Clara University
BA, 1998

University of San Diego School of Law
JD, 2003

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