Family Law Solutions of Iowa

Family Law Solutions of Iowa

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During a time of emotional crisis, hardship, or difficulty, there could be countless questions coming to your mind. When everything feels uncertain or overwhelming, the power of personal and compassionate legal counsel will go a very long way.

After representing countless individuals and families throughout Des Moines, we understand some of the most common anxieties and concerns experienced by our clients. As skilled negotiators and equally capable trial attorneys, we possess the knowledge, skill, and diligence needed to help you resolve your current legal matter in the most favorable manner possible.

Our firm focuses Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Collaborative Law serving families throughout Des Moines and Central Iowa.

The outcome of any type of family-related legal matter can have long-term impacts on every single member of the family, especially young children. For this reason, you cannot risk putting your case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Mr. Hill has more than 30 years of litigation experience and has spent nearly a decade devoting his practice to complex family law cases, collaborative law matters, and divorce issues throughout Iowa. When it comes to your family and future, you can trust Family Law Solutions of Iowa, LLC to provide you with the compassionate care and insightful guidance you deserve.

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Gary Hill

Family Law Solutions of Iowa

Gary Edward Hill is a courtroom litigator with over 30 years' of litigation experience in county, state, and federal courts. Since moving to Iowa in 2007, Gary has focused on divorce, custody and litigated matters involving domestic violence.

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Lisa Noble

Family Law Solutions of Iowa

Attorney Noble specializes in strong legal representation at affordable rates. Whether you want her to work with you at every step of your case or you want to take up her unbundled legal service, she can help you with all. Lisa has over seven years of experience in handling family law matters.She was an investigator for the State of Iowa and was previously contracted by the Federal Government. Lisa is a certified mediator and parenting coordinator.

To contact attorney Noble call 515-305-3474.